Why do you need a Supreme bot? If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Supreme has exploded in popularity, growing from an underground skateboarding team with a cult like following to a main stream brand that quickly sells out everything they drop. Celebrities like Tyler the Creator and even Kylie Jenner have driven all types of people to the Supreme community.

supreme bot

supreme bot

supreme bot

As their popularity has grown, so has the resale value for their items. Popular items including anything with a box logo and popular collaborations have seen resale reach 5-20x the retail value.

supreme botsupreme blimp fw 2017

Wherever demand is greater than supply, resellers follow. The last few years people have lined up around the block at retail locations and spent thousands on online bots to try to cop items at retail. After Complex released a documentary highlighting the underground economy of Supreme, the number of people hoping to make some cash reselling has spiked.

supreme bot

Since there are only a few retail locations many people have relied on the online store to cop the items they want. Similar to Footlocker, Supreme began to sell out quicker and quicker as bots came into play and demand rose. Over the last two years Supreme has been forced to implement anti bot measures as their spotlight and fan base grows. Even so, the most limited and hyped items can sell out in as little as 5 seconds!

This is where we come in. Our team of developers has set out to create the best possible way to ensure you can secure your Supreme items online before they sell out. They have spent hours studying the Supreme site, optimizing the checkout process within our Project Destroyer bot.

As some of you may know, Project Destroyer is issuing an update today that will add support for the streetwear phenomenon Supreme. After the October 14th Yeezy release got postponed, we decided we needed to provide our beta customers with a site they could use more frequently. Our developers have been working hard to perfect the Supreme bot in time for this week’s drop.

Edit: Our bot now fully supports Supreme. Check out our Youtube for live release videos + setup tutorials!

A full release set up guide will be posted later today on our Documentation page. This update will only support the US site, but Japan and Europe support will be added soon after.

Stay tuned to our Twitter, subscribe to our mailing list, and check our blog for more information regarding the Project Destroyer Supreme update. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

If you haven’t yet, go check out our all in one Sneaker Bot, Project Destroyer.


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