You may have heard the term “sneaker proxies” before but are still unsure what they are or where to get them. While there are multiple kinds of proxies, each one will serve the same purpose. You want to connect to a site without letting the site know your computer is the one connecting!

cop multiple yeezys

This diagram may be helpful. Your computer connects to a proxy server, which then connects to the internet. The site you are connecting to returns the information to the proxy, and then the proxy returns the information back to you. Make sense yet?

Maybe, but you might not see how this applies to sneakers. When you use a sneaker bot such as Project Destroyer, you want to run multiple tasks at once to have the best chance of success. Well, sites figured out pretty quickly that people were using bots when they saw 100 connections opened from the same IP. Almost every site will ban your IP if you connect to the site more than you normally would while web browsing. With proxies, you could run 100 tasks in a bot with 100 proxies, and the site will think 100 different computers are connecting.

So, it’s established you need proxies if you’re planning to run more than a few tasks in any bot. So, where do you get them?

There are a few options. There are rotating proxies and data center proxies.

sneaker proxies

Rotating proxies work by creating a “pool” of residential IP’s, and each rotating proxy will connect to a residential IP in the pool. The residential IP being used will be rotated out with another IP in the pool every few minutes. This means that if one residential IP becomes banned, it will connect to another in the pool. Check out the diagram above.

Data center proxies have become less popular. You can create hundreds of data center proxies with the same server. Sites have started to ban whole subnets, or server IPs, at once. This means that if you had 100 proxies under the same subnet, all 100 could get banned at once. The main advantage of data center proxies is the ability to achieve consistently fast speeds. If you find a reliable provider, these can be faster + more effective than rotating proxies.

There are ways to make sneaker proxies if you’d like to save money + have more control. If you’d like to try to make your own, a simple google search should get you started.

Note: Project Destroyer customers receive access to a proxy creation guide via our Slack chat. You gain access to the chat when you purchase the bot.

Before purchasing proxies, check out this article on how to improve your proxy speeds.

If you’d like to find a provider and buy some instead, here is a list of recommended providers.

Rotating Residential Providers

Destroyer Proxies

Reserve Proxy

Copped Proxies

Boosted Proxies

Proxy Strike

Chi Cooked Proxies


Data Center Providers

Blazing SEO




Ghost Proxies


Make sure you research and buy proxies that are specifically advertised to work for sneaker sites. Otherwise, you could end up with the wrong kind. Search the providers site for “sneaker proxies” if you can’t find anything! Contact the sites support team to make sure you are buying the kind you need. Most sites will not offer refunds so you should do this before you make any purchases.

Some things to consider when finding a provider:

– Price?

– Replacements?

– Refunds?

– What sites do they work on?

Once you have proxies, you need to load them into your bot. If you have Project Destroyer, our documentation will help you get started. If you’re using another bot, go to the sites documentation to figure out how to load the proxies into the bot!