You want the latest Yeezys or hottest Supreme item, you’ve got all the right links and release info, yet you’re still striking out. Even with an auto checkout bot like Project Destroyer, you may still find yourself struggling to secure the latest drop. You may have optimized your bots settings and you’re using high speed unbanned proxies, yet you’re still not seeing the results you want. You might even be copping multiple pairs, but ultimately falling short of your target number.

virtual private server sneakers

What’re you doing wrong?

Well, you may be missing one important piece of the puzzle. When you use a desktop or laptop computer to bot the latest release, you’re not going to achieve the performance you could be. Virtual private servers, VPS for short, may be what you need to step up your game and get that extra edge.

A virtual private server is a virtual machine run by an internet hosting service, using its own software and operating system. You’ll want to use a VPS that runs a Windows operating system.

vps sneakers

This model shows how a VPS works. A large server with massive amounts of disk space, memory, and computing power creates multiple virtual servers within it that use a small percent of the total resources.

Depending on the provider, you can get a VPS located anywhere from New York to Los Angeles. You can connect to these servers regardless of where you are located, even if that’s halfway across the country. If you’re struggling to understand, imagine connecting to a computer within your computer. Once you are connected to a VPS, you can do everything you could do on your computer but you will be using the servers resources rather than yours.

What’s so great about this?

No extra files

Your computer might be slow, old, or full of files. Instead of taking up resources on your computer, you’re able to use a fresh VPS for the computing you need to do. This means you can use your bot without slowing it down.

Faster connection

vps sneakers

Even if you shelled out thousands of dollars on a brand new computer, a virtual server will likely be faster. A virtual private server typically runs on a 1 GBPS connection, while the average internet speed ranges between 10-30 MBPS. 1 GBPS = 1000 MBPS. This means that while using a VPS, you will have access to internet speeds up to 100x faster than your home connection. Pictured above is a speed test on an Enterprise Project Destroyer server.

Need 10 GBPS?

No, you don’t. Let’s break it down:

1 GB/s ports equates to 1 gigabyte of data loaded every second. Using our software or any other sneaker software, you will only download .1 to .2 mb of data per site. This is because our software doesn’t load images, javascript, pictures, etc. Anything that isn’t needed by the software to checkout won’t even be downloaded.

When it’s all said and done, you can load roughly 1250 tasks every second on a 1 GB/s connection.

We don’t recommend loading this many tasks on our bots, and most other bots will work the same. If you aren’t going to be running over 1250 tasks on your server, you don’t need anything more than a 1 GB/s connection.10 GB/s ports are a marketing ploy – you will never need to load that much data that quickly using sneaker software.

Connect anytime, anywhere

Another big advantage of using a VPS is the fact that you can connect anytime, anywhere. Using an application like Remote Desktop Application, you can connect to a VPS from your phone, from your grandma’s computer, even from your car. If you’re working or in school during most sneaker releases, this is a huge plus. You can connect to the server and run your bot on the go and won’t have to worry about missing out. Virtual private servers run 24/7, meaning there is no downtime. You can schedule your bot and then turn off your computer, and the VPS will still be on and running come release time.


When you purchase a computer, it’s usually a long term investment. You could purchase a $3,000 computer that seems great for copping sneakers, at the time. However, technology is constantly changing. What seemed to be a great set up a month ago could easily become slow in comparison to the next technological advancement. No one wants to buy a new computer each time better hardware comes out. Virtual private servers are available for hourly or monthly purchase, meaning you could upgrade your set up anytime you want while maintaining a relatively low budget. You don’t have to worry about purchasing the perfect set up because you can easily upgrade or downgrade your server specs to fit your needs.

Recommended Providers

Project Destroyer provides virtual private servers for your sneaker needs. We offer affordable plans with competitive pricing and our servers come with Project Destroyer already installed. Our servers are located very close to the servers used by sneaker sites to ensure high speeds.

Though we highly recommend purchasing our servers, we put together a list of recommended providers.

Monthly Servers

Project Destroyer Hosting

Sneaker Servers



Amazon Web Services



Once you purchase a server, use to make sure you are achieving high speeds. If you aren’t, contact support and find out why. You may have picked a slow provider and you should look into transferring before you waste any more money.

You can reference this guide on How to Setup an Hourly Server with Vultr.

You will also need to use proxies on your server while using any sneaker bot. Read more about proxies here.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions. To read more about our hosting plans, click here.

We highly recommend using Project Destroyer, our all in one bot, to optimize your success. Go check it out.


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