Supreme has become increasingly difficult to bot as the demand for their brand has grown. In order to successfully solve captchas for a release, you need to provide captcha solutions after each task has loaded the checkout page. Otherwise, Supreme will reject the captcha solution.

While using Project Destroyer, you should have the Captcha Harvester open once the release has started. If you are using auto mode you should start running it a minute before the release. The more captchas you are harvesting in auto mode, the more likely you are to receive a solution faster. Change the number of captchas to harvest in auto mode under ‘Pool Size’.

Once a solution is received, a new harvest request will be sent. This means that there is constantly 10 new solutions being requested at any one time.

project destroyer captcha supreme bot

An awaiting task refers to a task that has loaded the checkout page and is waiting for a captcha solution. 

supreme bot captcha bypass

You should look for an increase in awaiting tasks and submit manual captcha solutions immediately after. You can solve manual captchas while also running auto mode for the fastest possible results. Project Destroyer will automatically filter out any solutions that were solved before the checkout page was loaded.

You can solve a manual captcha before there is a new awaiting task, you just have to wait to hit “verify” until after.

Keep in mind Project Destroyer does not have a universal Captcha Harvester, so when you want to solve a captcha for a release, you’ll need to open that specific release and proceed.

Contact us if you have further questions.