You bought Project Destroyer because you want to secure limited releases. You have been using proxies to multiply your chances of success and you even got a VPS to improve the bots performance and speed. You now have a great bot, access to the fastest internet, and tons of computer space, yet you still can improve your setup.

If you haven’t yet, go check out our article on Virtual Private Servers and how you can use them to improve your success rate on any release. If you’re looking for more information on proxies, go check out our in depth article on what proxies are and where to get them.


Let’s use this diagram once again to remember how proxies work. When you send a request to a site, the request needs to travel from your computer (or server), to your proxy server, to the website, and then back. If your server is in California but your proxies are in New York, that means the request needs to travel all the way across the country and back before it can connect! This is called latency, and it slows down your proxies and limits how fast your bot can run. The solution to this is simple – cut down on latency by using a server and proxies in the same location.

Most dedicated proxy providers will offer a variety of locations to choose from when ordering proxies. You need to pick proxies that are as close to your server as possible. This way the physical distance between your “computer” and the proxy server is much less. This will improve your proxy speeds. To test how fast your proxies are, see our guide on how to use the Project Destroyer proxy tester tool.

You should pick proxies and a server located close to the data centers used by most sneaker sites. This will provide the smallest possible travel times between your server, proxy server, and the sites server. Our servers are already located close to sneaker data centers, so if you purchase a server through us, all you need to do is find proxies to match!

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