Kith Treats drops a new italics logo October 28th at 11 AM EST. These are recommended keywords and product styles.

Project Destroyer releases should be ran with category set to “all”. You can then configure keywords and product styles. You should use the Shopify captcha harvester for this release.

We recommend running different variations of these keywords and colors to make sure you find the product successfully.

Name: Kith Treats Italics Hoodie

Colors: *These are “heather hues” so they may start with heather

Light Pink, Red, Light Blue, Heather Grey, Navy, Purple

Other potential colors: Pink, Peach // Burgundy // Baby Blue, Teal, Light Teal // Grey, Ash Grey // Heather Navy // Heather Purple

Estimated Retail: $145

Keywords: kith+treats+hoodie

Name: Kith Treats Italics Tee

Colors: Burgundy // Light Pink, Peach // Blue, Marina Blue, Dark Blue // Light Green // Navy // Orange

Estimated Retail: $55

Keywords: kith+treats+tee