November Releases

November is shaping up to be one of the best sneaker months of all time. Loaded with hot releases, it’s going to be difficult to pick and choose what you want. Whether you’re a reseller or collector, you’re going to need to know which drops are in demand.

We teamed up with Retail or Resell, a service that offers resale predictions on the latest releases, to create a visual representation of what’s dropping in November.

november sneaker releases

Each color represents a tier based on estimated demand and resale. Tier 1 releases are considered to have the highest resale, with each descending tier representing lower resale.

Keep in mind these are just predictions, but this visual should give you a good idea of what’s hot and what’s not. Just because something isn’t in Tier 1 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it, especially if you wear your shoes!

Project Destroyer

In other news, the Project Destroyer full release will be on November 15th – just in time for some of the craziest releases. Just some of the features are listed below, we have some other things in the works that we hope to have done by then as well!

november sneaker releases


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