How to Resell Sneakers and Streetwear

Part 1: Getting Started

Part 2: Business Basics, Ethics, and Tips

Part 3: Buying

Part 4: Selling

Part 5: What now?

This is a multipart guide aimed to bring value to all kinds of resellers. Whether you’ve been in the game for years or you’re just getting started, this should be useful. If you’re 13 or you’re 30, there is always more to learn.

“Reselling streetwear” refers to buying limited sneakers and streetwear items and selling them to others for a profit. It doesn’t matter when or how you buy the product if you can buy something and sell it for more than you paid you are reselling.

While reading, keep in mind the lessons in this guide can be applied to more than just limited streetwear.

Getting Started

Setting Goals

How to resell sneakers and streetwear

Setting goals is important because goals will push you to improve and apply yourself on a whole different level. Without goals, you can still have success selling sneakers. However, it’s going to be difficult to measure your accomplishments and progress forward if you have no standard to go by.

If you’re just getting started, great. Sit down and list your goals. If you’ve been selling for a year and haven’t written down your goals, sit down and do it. It’s helpful to actually sit down and do this because it makes you think WHY you’re doing it. Do you want weekend cash flow? Do you want to gain business experience? Do you want to design a new life? When you struggle, you’re going to need something to pull you forward. Goals can do that.

*Tip: Look at your list. Is everything on it related to making X amount of dollars? If you’re in it for the money, you’re probably going to lose. Reconsider why you’re doing this. There are a million things that can make you money, you might as well find something you enjoy doing.

Another advantage of having goals is you can fall short of your goal and still be a massive success. For example – say you set the goal of “Sell 1000 items in the next month”. You push yourself, focus on your goal, but at the end of the month, you only sell 750 things. By challenging yourself and reaching for more, you were still able to improve and build for the future.

No matter how big your goals are, be patient. Understand the short term situation will never be the final situation. Taking ill-advised shortcuts to reach your goals faster is a sure fire way to lose.

Social Media

If you don’t have a Twitter, you need one. Follow these accounts and you’ll start to get an idea of what’s happening on a day to day basis in the sneaker world.












Project Destroyer



Twitter will tell you “Who to follow” when you go to some of these accounts. You can find more people to follow using this tool.

Sneaker accounts with a high following are extremely valuable. Each account will have followers replying to their tweets – this can help give you an idea of what’s in demand and what’s going on.

One thing to think about while deciding which accounts to follow – what you consume on Twitter can affect the way you think and act. Avoid accounts that are cancerous. Follow positive people that have useful information. Darkness can’t exist where there is light.

As you go through this process you will start to see how valuable Twitter is. You will have access to information very quickly and know what’s releasing and where because people will be talking about it. Twitter should also be used for networking and gaining connections. This can help you in a multitude of ways.

Financial Setup

How to resell sneakers and streetwear

This guide will cover topics such as where to sell, how to track profits and losses, paying taxes, and more. You don’t need to worry about these things yet – all you need is a PayPal account to get started.

PayPal is an online payment system that allows people to send and receive money online instantly. You can connect your PayPal directly to your bank account and credit/debit card for full control over your money. PayPal is a very common payment method and will be extremely useful as you resell more and more.

You need to sign up for PayPal and follow the steps to become “verified”. Being verified helps you win cases in the event of a chargeback while also making buyers feel more comfortable buying from you.

You’ll also need some money to spend upfront. It’ll be easy to grow once you get your first sale but you need some startup capital to actually buy the items you plan to resell. This will be covered further in part two, but for now, you should have at least $250 set aside. The more money you have to start, the easier it’ll be to grow. The bare minimum you can really start with is $50.

This is part one of a five-part guide on How to Resell Sneakers and Streetwear. Part two will be linked to this article once it is complete.


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