Adidas Pharrell x Human Race NMD

The Pharrell Human Race NMD drops today, November 11th, in 4 colorways. Project Destroyer supports Kith and Packers which may both have online releases. If you’d like to run Project Destroyer on these sites incase they do release, you should setup a few releases.

Site Type: Kith/Packers

Product Link: Blank

Product Category: new

Product Keywords: pharrell+nmd




Styles to add to end of keywords:

core black/ac7359

Multicolor/noble ink/bold yellow/ac7360

Sun glow/eqt yellow/ac7188

Pale nude/yellow/ac7361

If you’d like to specify a style, you can add the style keyword to the end of the product keywords. Run multiple variations of the color name you are going for.

Example: pharrell+trail+nmd+sun glow


Product Style: Blank

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