Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Yebra Setup Guide

Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Yebra Setup Guide

Yeezy Supply tends to release Yeezy’s between 5-8 AM EST on the day of the release. It is best to start your tasks as early as possible and pay attention to the logs to make sure you don’t miss anything. Having extra proxies is important because you can quickly switch out your global proxy in the case of a ban.

Beta users will have been emailed a new installer (.exe file) for Project Destroyer. Check your spam if you don’t see the email. Follow us on Twitter and pay attention to the #announcements channel of the slack chat. You should deactivate your license key within the beta version and delete the Project Destroyer folder from within the Program Files (x86) folder.

Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Yebra Setup Guide

Run the new installer once this is done. If you’d like to save any release profiles from the beta version, export them before deleting the folder. Beta project files will not be compatible with 2.0.

Release Setup

Site: Yeezy Supply

Link: Leave blank

Category: New

Potential Keywords:



Style: Leave blank

Proxy: Enter a proxy that is unbanned from Yeezy Supply. This will allow you to connect to the site without banning your computer IP. If your computer IP is banned, this will allow you to still connect to the site.


– Refer to the Shopify Help section to better understand how to set up a Shopify release

– Yeezy Supply has changed keywords and messed with bots in the past. It is best to create multiple releases with variations to your keywords and setup.

– Yeezy Supply tends to release Yeezy’s between 5-8 AM EST at a random time. Start the releases early and let the product monitor run. If your proxies get banned, replace them.

– Have extra proxies available in the case of bans. Read our guide to understanding errors to make sure you have setup the release correctly. The product monitor should be actively looking for keywords once you start.

– The category “New” will only look for products that are added to the site after you start the release. You may want to create a release with the category “All” in case Supply does something unexpected.

– Use the manual mode harvester built into the Captcha Harvester window. You can use the Google Login tool for easier captcha solutions. Select “Yeezy Supply” as the site type.

– Watch for changes in the tasks state and “Awaiting Tasks” in the Captcha Harvester. You may want to sit by your computer for the duration of 5-8 AM in order to be available to solve captcha right when the product goes live.

– It may be helpful to have Yeezy Supply open in your browser. If you see that the product has gone live and your releases haven’t found the keyword, stop the release, paste the product link into the link section quickly, and start the release again.

– Pay attention to our Twitter and Slack chat for updates. It’s likely there will be updates released before tomorrow morning. Any news/changes will be posted here in bold as well as on our Slack and Twitter.