UNDFT Ultraboost

The UNDFT Ultraboost release tomorrow, Saturday 14th. Times are not confirmed and may be random. If you have proxies you can let Project Destroyer run all morning, but we suggest run at every 59:00 or 59:50 mark, e.g 9:59:50. Once a release is finished, check the slack for variants. You can then use variant mode to monitor for restocks as it is faster. If you do not have proxies look for releases at either 8 AM EST, 9 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM. You can also let the bot run and change your settings to a higher delay.

Start tasks 60 seconds before (using proxies) and 30-60 seconds before without proxies.

Use a 1:1 task/proxy ratio.


Kith – 10 AM EST (probably)

Shop Nice Kicks – 10 AM EST (probably)

Undefeated – 9 AM EST


Sneaker Politics


Mens –

“undefeated+ultraboost+color(white or black)”

*Note – please use your own variations of these as well as we are not sure what exactly the product title will be.

ShopNiceKicks Variants (MUST BE IN VARIANT MODE)

7.5 – 7379999391793

8 – 7379999424561
8.5 – 7379999457329
9 – 7379999490097
9.5 –  7379999522865
10 – 7379999555633
10.5 – 7379999588401
11 – 7379999621169
11.5  – 7379999653937


Captcha Checkbox – Not Required

New Product Checkbox – Not Required

Account Checkbox – Not Required(required for undefeated)

Use the “Stop at one checkout” option for your profiles. This way you can run multiple tasks for a profile and stop after you check out one successfully. If you want to use the same profile on Kith and ShopNiceKicks and you select this option, you need to create two profiles with the same information and different names. This way you can use one on each site and stop after checkout on each site. Any questions contact us on Twitter or via Slack.