Yeezy Boost 500 Blush Setup Guide

The Yeezy 500 Blush drops today, April 14th. Please be sure you’re up to date with Project Destroyer. The latest version is v1.2.5. If your tasks are getting stuck on “waiting” it means your profiles are not loaded correctly. If you have profiles from a past version you need to delete them. If you can’t delete them, enter in the profile name in the “profile name” input and select the delete icon.

This guide will cover what sites you should be setting up for with Project Destroyer and how to set up.


ShopNiceKicks – 11 AM EST (probably – could be anywhere from 7-11 AM EST)

Kith – not confirmed

YeezySupply – Random Time (look in Slack for live notification)


Social Status

Sneaker Politics


Mens –





*Note – please use your own variations of these as well as we are not sure what exactly the product title will be.

YeezySupply Variants (MUST BE IN VARIANT MODE)

6 – 1238203662355
7 –1238203727891
8.5 –1238203826195
9.5 – 1238203891731
10 – 1238203924499
10.5 – 1238203957267
11 – 1238203990035
12 – 1238204088339
13 – 1238204153875

It does not matter what size you select. Whatever variant you use, that is what size will be checked out.


Captcha Checkbox – Not Required

New Product Checkbox – Not Required

Account Checkbox – Not Required

When running on YeezySupply check the “Shipping Same As Billing” checkbox. These are required to match or YeezySupply will cancel your order.

Use a 1:1 task/proxy ratio.

Start tasks 60 seconds before (using proxies) and 30-60 seconds before without proxies.

Use the “Stop at one checkout” option for your profiles. This way you can run multiple tasks for a profile and stop after you check out one successfully. If you want to use the same profile on Kith and ShopNiceKicks and you select this option, you need to create two profiles with the same information and different names. This way you can use one on each site and stop after checkout on each site. Any questions contact us on Twitter or via Slack.

IP Authenticated proxies are not working currently. Use USER:PASS proxies only. If you are using proxies, you can save them and monitor sites prior to the release.