Supreme Spring/Summer 2018 Week 13 full drop list, colors and price estimates. These are purely estimates, and may be off. Use at your own risk.

Keep an eye out for 2.0.0 as it will be available prior to the Supreme UK + US drops.

You may refer to the EU drop for a confirmed price and colorway after the drop from, which is where we got the information from.

While using our keywords, please use the exact category or you may risk picking up the wrong product.


Jackets</strong id=”#jackets”>


Name: Patches Denim Trucker Jacket

Colors: Black, Blue

Keywords: +Patches,+Trucker


Shirts</strong id=”#shirts”>

Name: Oxford Shirt

Colors: Purple, Black, White, Blue, Peach

Keywords: +Oxford

Name: Gradient Arc Top

Colors: Aqua, Black, Red, Navy, White, Dark Yellow, Peach, Grey

Keywords: +Arc

Name: Tiger Stripe Rayon Shirt

Colors: Pink, White, Orange, Blue

Keywords: +Tiger


Tops/Sweaters</strong id=”#topssweaters”>

Name: Monogram Football Jersey

Colors: Green, Blue, Red, Brown

Keywords: +Monogram

Name: Plaid Knit Polo

Colors: Purple, Mustard, Black, Green

Keywords: +Plaid,+Polo

Name: Yoke Piping L/S Top

Colors: Black, Yellow, Navy, Pink

Keywords: +Yoke



Name: Contrast Crewneck

Colors: Grey, Navy, Red, Brown, Black, Dark Green

Keywords: +Contrast,+Crewneck

Name: Contrast Zip Up Hoodie

Colors: Grey, Black, Green, Navy, Red, Brown

Keywords: +Contrast,+Hoodie

Name: Court Half Zip

Colors: Black, Dark Green, Magnenta, White

Keywords: +Court



Name: Warm Up Pants

Colors: Olive, Grey, Navy ,Red, Black, Purple, Orange, Blue Camo,Pale Yellow

Keywords: +Warm



Name: Embossed Logo 6-Panel

Colors: Navy, Brown, White, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Black

Keywords: +Embossed

Name: Jacquard Box Logo Camp Cap

Colors: Green, Grey, Pink, Blue

Keywords: +Jacquard

Name: Monogram Box Logo Cap

Colors: Blue, Red, Brown, Green

Keywords: +Monogram



Name: Chicken Dinner Plate Ashtray

Colors: N/A

Keywords: +Chicken

Name: Hair Bobbles (Sets of Two)

Colors: N/A

Keywords: +Hair

Name: Astro Sunglasses

Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue

Keywords: +Astro

Name: Booker Sunglasses

ColorsTortoise, Yellow, Blue, Black

Keywords: +Booker

Name: Exit Sunglasses

Colors: Silver, Gold, Black

Keywords: +Exit

Name: Plaza Sunglasses

Colors: White, Tortoise, Pink, Black

Keywords: +Plaza

Name: Royale Sunglasses

Colors: Tortoise, Red, Green, Black

Keywords: +Royale



Name: Monogram Shorts

Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Brown

Keywords: +Monogram

Name: Arc Logo Water Shorts

Colors: Black, Green, Red, Royal, Yellow

Keywords: +Water

Name: Velour Warm Up Shorts

Colors: Black, Orange, White, Green, Light Blue

Keywords: Velour