Introduction/What is a server

So, you want to cop sneakers but your bot keeps getting IP banned or just isn’t as fast as it should be? This is where this guide comes into play. Pretty much we’ll explain sneaker proxies and servers and how to use them to your benefit. Now, most people who want to cop limited releases know that it starts with a dedicated server. Realistically if you don’t use a sneaker server, you can’t compete with all of the other bot users out there when it comes to securing multiple releases. Dedicated servers essentially are optimized for copping limited releases and work hand in hand with proxies. These servers come with large amounts of bandwidth and high GBs of RAM to use at your disposal so you don’t experience any lag or interruption during the release you are trying to purchase. This allows you to get on the site, check out what you need and get out quickly, by doing this you can grab limited releases without any problems usually. See on our website the servers we have offered currently to boost your success with Project Destroyer today. (Note: Our bundle packages are currently sold out, only servers are available currently.)



A proxy is nothing more than a tool your computer can use to protect your information. It can be thought of as a barrier; one that allows you to visit websites and get information from them without them getting your info. Now this is where proxies and servers go hand in hand. If you just have a server and a bot, the bot will make a lot of requests from the same URL as it keeps refreshing for new products. When that happens, the sneaker site will do what is called an IP ban. Pretty much they see the bot refreshing repeatedly from the same IP, so they ban it. These bans can last from minutes to potentially being permanently banned from the site. If you come unprepared either without the proxies or the server, you have a chance that you put all the time and effort to set up for nothing.

Tips for choosing proxies

  1. Avoid free proxies. – You should avoid these for two reasons. 1. free proxies are usually pretty slow hence the reason why they’re free. Even if you have a fast server and a fast bot to go along with it, a slow proxy can prevent you from copping sneakers. If you want to get your shoes, you need to have a fast proxy as well. 2.  Hackers have the means to often run free public proxies. By doing this they can steal information from users with ease, so avoid free proxies at all cost.
  2.  Match Proxy and Server Location- If your proxies and server are in the same or relatively same location it stop latency issues that can occur between the two networks. When you’re copping limited releases, speed is very important. If your web proxy and sneaker server are in two different locations, they will have to connect with one another before you can connect to the sneaker site. This is why you want to match up proxy and server based on region. (Ex. East coast server = East coast proxy provider.)
  3. Choose Rotating Proxies. – Nike, Adidas, and others can see what IPs are checking out multiples and they tend to keep an eye on it. Using the same proxy with each purchase means you will use the same IP address with each purchase. If you use rotating proxies, you will get a new IP address every time it rotates to a new IP address. That will make it hard for the sites to keep up and give you the chance to purchase multiples of exclusive releases.


Proxies: Residential vs Datacenter


How to decide: Datacenter Proxies (DC) VS. Residential Proxies (Resi)

Residential Proxies

  • Real IP addresses that come from Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • MUST HAVE for Nike and Adidas
  • Slower than DC Proxies
  • A bit more expensive


Datacenter Proxies

  • Don’t come from ISP, they come from third parties a.k.a. Data Centers
  • Very fast speeds
  • Less expensive
  • Easier for companies to trace and as a result, get banned faster, especially if you are using shared proxies.


Now, let’s look at the different types of Proxies that you will see when choosing your provider.

  • Shared Proxies – Shared Proxies are just that. Multiple people are using them at the same time. When this happens, the speeds are lowered. NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Dedicated/Private – Proxies are faster than shared proxies. RECOMMENDED when running on Shopify sites.
  • Rotating -A type of these will “rotate” between different IPs every 10-120 minutes. These are great for running restocks over a long period of time.
  • Sticky – IP address will stay the same a.k.a. “Stick”.


Hopefully this helped clear up any questions you may have had about servers, proxies, and how they work. If you have any further questions feel free to DM us on Twitter.

Links to proxy and server providers