For upcoming Nike SNKRS releases, it will be important to get a good amount of quality Nike accounts to increase your chances of winning. There are many factors to consider when purchasing Nike Accounts on platforms like Twitter; such as price, location, quantity, and quality of the accounts. In this article, we will go over what Nike Account providers will work best for Swoosh Destroyer, as well as some things to avoid when looking to purchase accounts.


Price of verified Nike SNKRS accounts will vary mostly based on their location. The cheapest accounts will come from China, and the more expensive accounts will come from the UK and US. Cheaper accounts are more likely to become unverified much quicker than more expensive accounts, and they also run a higher risk of being detected by Nike as fraudulent accounts.


These Chinese (CN) accounts will be the cheapest option out of the bunch and will run you between $0.20-$0.40 per account depending on how many you purchase. Recently, CN accounts have been seeing a major drop in success rates, and most SNKRS bot developers would recommend users to stay away from them if they want higher success rates. Nike seems to be cracking down on CN Nike accounts that enter into US or UK SNKRS draws, so buyers beware. Most inexperienced users will still be drawn towards CN accounts because of the cheaper price tag and easy access, but experienced users should know that a bigger investment into better accounts will return in a higher payout on the other side.


The other types of SNKRS accounts will the US/UK verified accounts; they are virtually the same besides the fact that they are based in different locations, so to make things easier we will be referring to them both as US accounts. US accounts will cost you between $1.10-$2.00 depending on how many you get and where you purchase them from. US accounts are becoming more popular because they tend to be verified indefinitely as opposed to CN accounts that unverify after a month or so. The US accounts also raise less suspicion on Nike’s end as they are domestic phone numbers, the exact same kind you would use to verify your own Nike account. We would recommend using the US verified accounts over CN verified accounts in general. To summarize: CN accounts are cheaper but tend to have a lower success rate. US/UK accounts are more expensive but will most likely have higher success rates if used properly


Now that we have an overview of what Nike verified accounts are and how they work let’s get a list of good providers to purchase from. (These are providers that have proven success with their Nike accounts and are reliable.)


Stealth Supply

  • Uses only UK branded sim cards, no virtual numbers
  • Limited quantities created to ensure quality
  • 24/7 Slack support for customers
  • Reverification
  • Premium tailored accounts that offer more customization


Nike Account Generators

  • Standalone programs that can create and verify accounts for you
  • Requires a decent amount of work from you
  • You must purchase sms codes, which can be challenging but also cost effective



  • Very good success in past
  • Easy access to seller as sales are done one on one
  • US accounts
  • Competitive prices (around $1)
  • Proven to work on multiple SNKRS bots