What are Funkos?


First off, you may be wondering what this new market that everyone is getting into. They’re called Funko Pops and are collectibles/toy-figurines that people craze over. They are created by Funko Inc. and their products tend to explore the realm of pop-culture. Just like sneakers, Funkos can go for crazy amounts of money. There are some Funkos that collectors go crazy over and can resell for over hundreds of dollars over the retail price, then there are some that sit and don’t have any added value to them. This is due to exclusivity and hype surrounding each one — just like sneakers!

The first step of getting into this new area of reselling is buying the item itself. There are a lot of groups out there that have important info and tools to help you out with buying these exclusive items. In this guide, we will be going over the best ways to buy and sell your Funkos!


Where to Buy Funkos?


There are many places Funkos release, a few of the more popular stores that get them are Funko-shop.com(Funkos personal site for dropping exclusives), Boxlunch.com, Hottopic.com, and Target.com. As these four stores get most of the exclusives because of their relationship with Funko themselves. A lot of other stores get them as well but not as much because the Funkos that drop are Boxlunch, Hot Topic, Target exclusives or Funko exclusives. That being said Boxlunch, Hot Topic and Target usually drop their exclusives at around 3 am est / 12 am pst. They don’t always drop at that time but it is the most common time they drop it. So it is suggested that you always keep an eye on the sites. On the other hand, Funko themselves drop on Funko-shop.com at 10:30 am est / 7:30 am pst on Wednesdays.


Buying Funkos


To start off you will need to know when and what is releasing. There are many free Funko groups on Twitter that can help you out if you are looking for help. On the other hand, if you’re in a ‘cook group’ — most of the time — they will have the resources needed to help you out. After discovering what and when the products are dropping the next step is to determine if there are any worthy investments. You can do this by either searching eBay for the item and looking at the recently sold posts or you can use stashpedia.com. This will help you determine what will bring you the most profit. There are many times when Funkos seem to be selling for a lot but then drop in price right after the drop. So always check the value about 30-45 minutes before to make sure you are not caught off-guard. Additionally, be aware when buying that there is a lot of competition for these products and you will be competing with bots. Therefore, drops are not always the easiest depending on the exclusivity of the Funko. Now that you have ‘bought’ the Funko the next step is selling it.


Selling Funkos


    There are many sites you can sell on but usually, the ‘go-to’ sites are Ebay.com, Ebates.com, and Mercari.com. When posting on the suggested reselling sites or any other site make sure you specify every detail about the Funko Pop. As Funko collectors are really picky and will scrutinize every detail. There are several factors you need to include while you are making your post. If you are posting an order confirmation of the Funko, specify that you do not have it in hand at that moment. If you have an expected delivery date for the Funko add that into the description as well. This will let the buyer know the status of the item and help them make the decision of buying from you or not. This also provides for a smoother transaction due to the transparency between the two parties. If you already have the Funko in hand, make sure to upload pictures of every angle of the box so the buyer can see the condition. If there is a defect like mentioned before make sure to take a picture of it and put it in the description. Defects do bring the value of the Funko down so be aware of that. When deciding on a price for your Funko Pop always prospect the market. Finally when choosing a price make sure you don’t undercut others as this can hurt your profit margin and hurt the market.

What to do Next?


    Now you may or may not be wondering what to do next after you’ve gone through the whole process of buying and reselling Funkos. You can go cash out the profit on something, or if you want to expand that profit and grow your investment there is always going back and reinvesting in more Funkos. All you have to do is spend a little more time looking into upcoming opportunities and capitalizing on them, which will grow easier as you gain experience. Hopefully, you will see yourself growing your money and acquiring a new hobby.