How to find the Supreme collection for this season


Supreme releases two collections each year one for Spring/Summer and one for Fall/Winter. Before the start of each season, they put out a teaser, preview and “look book” on their website listing just about every item that will release for that season excluding collaborations and special items. You can view the current season’s preview by clicking the link below. (


How to find the latest Supreme info and drop lists.


Beyond the main collection that Supreme releases every Thursday, they also release collaboration products throughout the season with various brands, such as skateboards, clothing, accessories, footwear and more. Some of these are common every year, such as their collaborations with The North Face, Nike, and Vans. Usually, all collab products sell out quicker than your average Supreme release. Collab products are generally announced on Mondays via the Supreme “news” page. However, recently Supreme has begun to announce more hyped collaborations as late as Wednesday night, aka the night before the drop. If you want to stay on top of your game you must always be up to date with the latest info.


There are many ways to see the current drop list for the week. Usually, on Monday’s we will get a small preview of a few items releasing that week or a collaboration announcement. After that leading up to Thursday, we get more pieces of info until the collection for that week is fully announced. The full drop list with retail prices is usually always available on Wednesday afternoon/night. Below are a few accounts on Twitter/Instagram we recommend following for Supreme news.


@TheSupremeSaint (Twitter)

@DropsbyJay (Twitter)

@Supcommunity (Instagram)

@Supreme_leak_news (Instagram)


Buying from the Supreme Shop


The most obvious route if you want to buy Supreme clothing is going to the store itself, but this is by no means the easiest way to purchase. Supreme has stores in New York City, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London, Paris and several in Japan. Each week Supreme launches a large in-store drop on Thursday, accompanied by an online drop that same day same time. The challenge of buying from a Supreme shop is the luck you’ll have to have to get chosen through the random draw system along with patience to endure waiting to actually get into the store. Supreme drops attract huge numbers of people, and unless you’re well-connected, you’ll probably struggle to get in before the hyped items sell out. Supreme has been doing in-store releases as a drawing that starts on Mondays where you enter your info and then you will get a confirmation text from Supreme if you are chosen for the in-store release that week. If you are chosen and do not attend Supreme can blacklist you from any further in-store releases. 

Buying from the Supreme Online Store


If you don’t live close to a Supreme shop, your only other official option is to try the Supreme online store. Drops are every Thursday, like the stores, with drop times taking place at 11 am (EST for the USA and BST for the UK). This is where having your copy of PD is extremely helpful. Here we will introduce you to Supreme task setups for Project Destroyer as they are a bit different than the Shopify sites we usually support.


Here we will introduce you to Supreme task setup as it is different from Shopify setup.


Pick a style/color for each task. DO NOT use all of them at once.  


  • Style: This is the color of the item and it has a separate input box. NA is used for random color, accessories and items that only have one color. Just NA, no + sign.


  • Captcha Bypass: (Supreme US and Supreme UK Captcha Bypass) It is suggested to run at least half of your tasks with captcha bypass selected when choosing your site in the task creation menu. In the event that it works you will not have to solve a captcha for that item.


  • Checkout Delay: Many people ask what is the “best” checkout delay. The answer is there is no best. It is suggested to make multiple tasks for the same item with different checkout delays ranging from 1500-4000. Find the ones that work best for you and make note of them.


  • CC Info: Privacy cards do not work, some virtual cards from banks will work. It is recommended to use a real, physical card. BILLING and SHIPPING must match!



  • Duplicate Order Error: Supreme is checking ALL info on ALL tasks for multiples.  If ANYTHING is the same (Name, Email, Phone, Address, CC Number), you will get this message. This includes running the same profiles on different bots. Everything has to be different. It is best to use a different VCC (Not Privacy) for every task if you can.  


This means you CANNOT run the same profile with different checkout delays for the same item anymore. You will have to use different profiles.


  • Multiples: Everything has to be different for multiples from Supreme, EVERYTHING!  Even if it’s the same color.
  • Name: You can jig your name by using common misspellings of your name.
  • You can also use your first initial. Example: J, John, Jon, Jahn, Jonn
  • Email: Use the Dot Trick option in PD for your Gmail.
  • [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Address: Use the Jig Address option in PD for your profiles.

Random Letter Jig still works if you want to do it manually, PD does this for you.

Ex: 123 KDFD Test Lane, 123 NBF Test Ln.

  • Phone: Random phone numbers or friends. Ex: 2011234567



Use this for accepted street names


TOS Items: Every week, there are extremely hyped items (BOGOs, Collab items, etc). You usually can tell what they will be from resell predictions. These items will have TOS turned on. TOS stands for Terms Of Service. Meaning that checkouts are strictly parsed for bots. It is recommended to use higher checkout delays, 3000+, as Supreme knows that a real person cannot checkout on their site in less than 3 seconds. It is also recommended to checkout manually for these types of items as well, using a different form of payment and info. Depending on what changes Supreme makes, no bot will work on these types of items.


Proxies: Not needed as of now for Supreme. Max 15-20 Tasks.


*Note* If you are using a server, you will have to use proxies as most Server IPs are still banned by Supreme. It is recommended to use Residential proxies for stability.


Start Instructions: Start your tasks 15-30 seconds before the drop. Once again, this will be based on your experience; it is different for every user due to computer speed and location.



There are 5 different monitors, use all of them for best success.

  1. Mobile API (Default) – Uses the Supreme app as a means to search for KW and checkout for the initial drop.
  2. Mobile #2 – This is an additional point to search for KW and checkout through the Supreme app for the initial drop.
  3. Desktop API: Attempts to checkout through the “backdoor” on the Supreme website for the initial drop.
  4. Desktop Category: Will monitor the specific category you select. So when you select, “Accessories” as your category, it will monitor page on the website. (This is also the mode you will use to run restocks.)
  5. Combo Monitor: uses monitors “Mobile API, Desktop API, and Mobile #2”. The first monitor type to find the product will be used.


*NOTE* DO NOT use the “New” category with Desktop monitor.


Error/Monitor Delays: For the initial drop use between 500 and 750 for monitor delay and 0 for error delay. (Only use 0/0 if you have a internet strong enough to hold the amount of tasks you’re running.)

Strong internet/PC combo = 0/0

Moderate/Weaker internet/PC combo = 0/500-750


General Supreme Info

  • Copping 1 item – Make multiple tasks with different checkout delays and have “One Checkout per Site” enabled on your profile. Just don’t put the checkout delays too close together because the bot won’t have time to stop.




For restocks, you will use “Desktop API” monitor with the URL from the Supreme website. It is recommended to use the “Supreme US (Captcha Bypass)” mode under the “Site Name” selection. You can then use NA for the first color available or put your color in the “Style” field.

Checkout Delays for restocks can be run at any speed.

Error and Monitor Delays can be run at any speed.

If the item is not in stock aka running for restocks, you will see OOS and “Error Retrying” flashing in the LOG section. This means your tasks are running correctly. They will keep retrying until the item is loaded.


Hopefully, with all the info you have now you can cash out on Thursdays with no issues on Supreme. For increased chances of success on Supreme, we recommend securing your copy of Project Destroyer on our next restock if you don’t already have a copy. Good luck and happy cooking PD community.