• Supreme in-store signups are every week on Tuesday at 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST
  • You MUST use the Profile + Card that you will be using to make your purchases in-store. They will not accept another payment method.
  • Supreme is EXTREMELY strict on One Per Person.
  • If you do not attend, they will ban you from all future in-store signups.


Supreme Signups are located at the bottom of the Site-Selection here: 

Every week during the season, Supreme does an in-store signup raffle for the current week’s drop. All entries are randomly given a place in line. Sometimes, the signup can be for a total of 2 days due to high stock numbers or a long wait so be prepared to have to go back on Friday just-in-case. Because Supreme is so strict on multiple entries, we do not advise using jigged information or using multiples of the same profile. Use 1 Profile that has the same information you will use at the store. Also, remember to use your real phone number because they use text for confirmation.

To make your task, you insert the link below into the monitor input, then choose your location and method (Bypass or Normal). It is not recommended to use both modes at the same because Supreme is so strict on multiples.