Quick Tasks Guide


Curious about quick tasks? You’re not alone. Many users don’t understand their function or how to effectively utilize them.


As the name implies, a quick task is literally a task created extremely quickly. While these tasks won’t help you on drops with a confirmed release, they’re perfect for restocks and surprise drops. Paired with monitors, quick tasks can be a powerful tool. Across the community, we’re seeing more groups employing the tactic every day.


How to set up


Shopify Quick Tasks


Setting up quick tasks is simple – there are only a few fields to populate in order to use them. For sites requiring logins, add your login information, followed by sizing specifications. Check out more details below.


Default Profile: Choose your payment profile.

Default Shoe: Set your shoe size (random or a specific size).

Default Clothing: Choose your clothing size (random or  XXS-XXXL).

Format: If you do not have PD Quick Tasks available in your monitors, you’ll have to manually type Destroyer:// in front of your desired link. We have PD Quick Tasks in our monitors but do not control them.




No delay is necessary for Shopify restocks.


Important Tip:

You must provide login credentials for sites requiring log-in. For quick tasks to be most effective, your login credentials should be the same for all websites.


Supreme Quick Tasks


The checkout delay setting is the only difference between Shopify and Supreme quick tasks. A checkout delay should be set for Supreme since they actively ban suspected bot users.


How it works


When monitoring for restocks, quick tasks are undoubtedly the fastest way to initiate a task. Upon receiving a restock alert from your monitor, you can create a task with a single click. This bypasses the typical task set up process and increases your chances for success.


The PD Quick Task link for the product will be found in your monitor channel. Start the task by simply clicking that link. The task then functions as expected and will alert you to any errors. That’s it –  you’ll receive an email when you check out!