PD FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions


PD won’t Download – Add the PD Download as an exception. Here is a tutorial on how to do so – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLBCOnt8bEA\n


Key Already Authorized/In Use – You might be opening the installer instead of the bot. Use the shortcut created during installation to open PD.


If you need to reset your key in Discord

  • Project Destroyer – DM @DestroyerCompanion#8779 !reset yourkeyhere
  • Swoosh Destroyer – DM @DestroyerCompanion#8779 !reset swoosh yourkeyhere

Note: “yourkeyhere” stands for your activation key.

Example – !reset 1234-1234-1234-1234


@DestroyerCompanion#8779 “Failed to reset key”  Make sure you’ve entered your key correctly. Type !help if you are unsure the correct format. If this doesn’t work, Open a ticket and ask for help.


How do I Deactivate my key? – Located in the upper right-hand corner next to the red X, click the box with the arrow in it to deactivate your key.


Can I use PD/Swoosh on another computer/server? – Deactivate your key first. Then simply install and activate PD/Swoosh on your other device, using your key.


Where is 2Captcha/Anti Captcha? – It is not supported. Optionally use DiSolve if you have it.


What is a Checkout Proxy? – Once an item is carted, the task will switch to the proxy inserted to the “Checkout Proxy” field. This allows for the item to be purchased using a specific proxy.


When do I log in to Google? – 20-30 minutes before the drop. Watch and “Like” a couple of videos.


How to set up a Slack Webhook

Make your own Slack server first. DO NOT use this in PD Slack or you risk being Banned!


Paste the Webhook URL at 00:35 in the video into the Slack Hook field in PD and click Save.


How to set up a Discord Webhook

Make your own Discord server first. DO NOT use this in PD Slack or you risk being Banned!


Paste the Discord Webhook at 2:55 in the video into the Discord Hook field in PD and click Save.


How to set up an hourly AWS server



How to set up an hourly Dedicated Server w/ Softlayer



How to set up an hourly VPS Server w/ Vultr



How to set up a Google Chrome Server



Common Error Messages

Below are some common error messages, along with a description and solution.


Tasks are stuck on “waiting” – Your profiles are not loading correctly. If you have profiles from an older version of Project Destroyer you need to delete them. See Uninstall Instructions


SKU Error – You used an invalid link.


Error Creating Checkout – Your proxies/IP are Soft Banned.       Switch Proxies / Retry Later


Card Config Issues – You are using a card that is not accepted on the site.        Change Profile


“Error Retrying” – This is most likely because you’re in the wrong mode, make sure you are using keywords in keyword mode, URL in URL mode, and variant in variant mode. Default mode is URL so many users make this mistake.


Captcha not switching to Supreme when a task is Waiting for Captcha – Open the Captcha Harvester and switch the site type to harvest on. (Shopify is default)`


Polling Slug – Polling Slug means Checking Out. If you visit a site manually, you will see it as, “Processing Payment”. Check email, you may have checked out


            Error                         Meaning                          Fix

Session Created – The Product Page (Link) is timing out     Restart Tasks or Switch Proxies


Session Error Retrying – Banned Proxies             Switch Proxies


“Waiting for Rates” – Your profile is invalid            Switch Profiles / Check your profile


Stuck On “Loading Payment” – Item is sold out     Restart Your Tasks


“Error Creating Checkout” – Proxy Timeout          Edit Task -> Turn off Advanced Mode  


Stuck on “Monitoring” –   Edit Task -> Turn off Advanced Mode -> Restart Tasks


“Encoding Card” – A step before adding to cart       Keep Running

Error Polling Rates – Likely you were “Cart Jacked” Restart Tasks


Guest Login” – A step before adding to cart           Keep Running


302 Error – Site Temporarily Unavailable            Keep Running


400 Error – Bad Request                    Keep Running


403 / 404 Error – Proxy is not connecting          Keep Running


403 Banned – Proxy is Banned                              Switch Proxies


409 Error – Carting Failed (Size Unavailable)     Switch Size + Restart Task


429 Error – Soft Ban                                  Switch Proxies


ANY Other 400 Error – Normal for Footsites        Keep Running


ANY Other 500 Error – Site is Crashing                Keep Running


If you would like to know more about the errors, here’s a link: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Status


Windows Full Reinstall



  1. Uninstall
  2. Press Windows + R
  3. Search %localappdata%
  4. Delete Project Destroyer Folder
  5. Press Windows + R
  6. Search %appdata%
  7. Delete Project Destroyer Folder
  8. Reinstall


How To Find Logs on Windows

  1. Press Windows+R and search %appdata%.
  2. Inside the PD folder, you will see a file called log.log.
  3. Open it and go to the start time
  4. Copy/Paste the info.


Mac Full Reinstall



  1. Uninstall Project Destroyer
  2. Open Finder
  3. Click “Go” on the menu bar
  4. Press and hold the “option/alt” key
  5. Then click the “Library” shortcut which appears

Once in “Library” these are the 3 things you have to Delete,

⦁ Go into “Saved Application State” and Delete any PD related files

⦁ Delete the Project Destroyer Folder

⦁ Go into “Application Support” and Delete the Project Destroyer folder

  1. Reinstall


How To Find Logs on Mac

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click “Go” on the menu bar
  3. Press and hold the “option/alt” key
  4. Open “Library”
  5. Open “Application Support” open the Project Destroyer folder
  6. Open the Project Destroyer folder
  7. Open the Log and go to the time desired
  8. Copy/Paste the info.