Supreme F/W 2018 Week 17 Guide

*Will be Updated After the UK Drop*

***When using safe mode it is CRITICAL  that you have your captcha harvester windows already open (this means open and login to captcha window at around 10:15-10:30am EST and toggled onto the Supreme box to avoid issues.****


Here we will introduce you to Supreme task setup as it is different from Shopify setup.

Pick a style/color for each task. DO NOT use all of them at once.  


********DO NOT use Cart Bypass or Supreme (Captcha Bypass) modes as of now.****



  • Style: This is the color of the item and it has a separate input box. NA is used for random color, accessories and items that only have one color. Just NA, no + sign.


  • Captcha Bypass: (Supreme US and Supreme UK Captcha Bypass) It is suggested to run at least half of your tasks with captcha bypass selected when choosing your site in the task creation menu. In the event that it works you will not have to solve a captcha for that item.


  • Checkout Delay: Many people ask what is the “best” checkout delay. The answer is there is no best. It is suggested to make multiple tasks for the same item with different checkout delays ranging from 1500-4000. Find the ones that work best for you and make note of them.


  • CC Info: Privacy cards do not work, some virtual cards from banks will work. It is recommended to use a real, physical card. BILLING and SHIPPING must match!



  • Duplicate Order Error: Supreme is checking ALL info on ALL tasks for multiples.  If ANYTHING is the same (Name, Email, Phone, Address, CC Number), you will get this message. This includes running the same profiles on different bots. Everything has to be different. It is best to use a different VCC (Not Privacy) for every task if you can.  


This means you CANNOT run the same profile with different checkout delays for the same item anymore. You will have to use different profiles.


  • Multiples: Everything has to be different for multiples from Supreme, EVERYTHING!  Even if it’s the same color.
  • Name: You can jig your name by using common misspellings of your name., You can also use your first initial. Example: J, John, Jon, Jahn, Jonn
  • Email: Use the Dot Trick option in PD for your Gmail.

Ex: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

  • Address: Use the Jig Address option in PD for your profiles.

Random Letter Jig still works if you want to do it manually, PD does this for you.

Ex: 123 KDFD Test Lane, 123 NBF Test Ln.

  • Phone: Random phone numbers or friends. Ex: 2011234567

Use this for accepted street names


TOS Items: Every week, there are extremely hyped items (BOGOs, Collab items, etc). You usually can tell what they will be from resell predictions. These items will have TOS turned on. TOS stands for Terms Of Service. Meaning that checkouts are strictly parsed for bots. It is recommended to use higher checkout delays, 3000+, as Supreme knows that a real person cannot checkout on their site in less than 3 seconds. It is also recommended to checkout manually for these types of items as well, using a different form of payment and info. Depending on what changes Supreme makes, no bot will work on these types of items.


Proxies:  Supreme has started to ban Home IPs again. If you go to and you see the picture below.


This means you are banned. You now have these options. You can call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and request a new IP, or you can buy proxies. If you decide to buy proxies, I suggest looking for companies with a good amount of checkout shoutouts on their Twitter feed.

Error 429 is not a ban, it is a soft ban and means “Too Many Requests” you will need to wait 15-20 minutes to start your tasks again. You are getting this error because you are running too many tasks with too low of a monitor delay. 2-3 tasks with no proxies is recommended for now, with a monitor delay of 1000+.


Start Instructions: Start your tasks 60 seconds before the drop. Once again, this will be based on your experience; it is different for every user due to computer speed and location.

There are 5 different monitors, use all of them for best success.

  1. Mobile API (Default) – Uses the Supreme app as a means to search for KW and checkout for the initial drop.
  1. Mobile #2 – This is an additional point to search for KW and checkout through the Supreme app for the initial drop.
  1. Desktop API: Attempts to checkout through the “backdoor” on the                                                    Supreme website for the initial drop.
  2. Desktop Category (USE THIS FOR RESTOCKS) : Will monitor the specific category you select. So when you select “Accessories” as your category, it will monitor page on the website.

            *NOTE* DO NOT use the “New” category with Desktop monitor.

  1. Combo Monitor: uses monitors “Mobile API, Desktop API, and Mobile #2”. The first monitor type to find the product will be used.


  • If you want to keep it simple and play it safe, run 1 task with “Combo” and 1 with  “Desktop Category”. Do Not use the same profiles to do this or you will get “Duplicate Order”


Error/Monitor Delays:

Because Supreme has started to ban IPs now, if you don’t have Proxies, you will have to experiment with Error/Monitor Delays. If you don’t have Proxies, 3-4 tasks with a Error Delay of 500 and a Monitor Delay of 1000 is recommended (You should test this as well). To Test this, setup number of tasks, with desired delays, and run them, time how long they run until you see the “429” error, then wait 20-30 minutes, adjust delays, and test again.  Ex: 5 Tasks with 100/100 Delays run for 58 sec until I get 429. Adjust Delays to 500/500 and try again.




Mode will be Supreme US and Monitor will be “Desktop Category” monitor with the URL from the Supreme website. You can then put NA to pick the first color available or put the color you want in the “Style” field.

Checkout Delays for restocks can be run at any speed.


Safe Mode instructions


For Safe mode you only need to run this mode for the initial drop at 11am after about 30 mins change your tasks to the main Supreme site to run for restocks.


***When using safe mode it is CRITICAL  that you have your captcha harvester windows already open (this means open and login to captcha window at around 10:15-10:30am EST and toggled onto the Supreme box to avoid issues.****


The Supreme Styles/Colors are separated by “ll” signs. Only use 1 Style/Color per task.


Name: Gore Tex 700-Fill Down Parka

Style: +Black II +Brown II +Lime



Price: $648


Name: Snowflake Toggle Fleece Jacket

Style: +Black ll +Brown ll +

Keyword: +Fleece,+Jacket

Category: Jacket

Price: $238


Name: Roses Corduroy Shirt

Style: +Red II +Blue

Keyword: +Roses


Price: $128


Name: Motif L/S Top

Style: +Black ll +Orange ll +Natural

Keyword: +Motif

Category: Tops/Sweaters

Price: $110


Name: Thermal Zip Up Sweatshirt

Style: +Red ll +Navy ll +Black ll +Mustard ll +Green ll +Brown ll +White ll +Blue

Keyword: +Thermal

Category: Sweatshirts

Price: $198


Name: Marvin Gaye Hooded Sweatshirt

Style: +Black ll +Green ll +Grey ll +Rust ll


Category: Sweatshirts

Price: $178


Name: Cat in the Hat tee

Style: +Navy ll +Royal ll +Black ll +Grey ll +Rust ll +Mustard ll +Green


Category: T-shirts

Price: $44


Name: Marvin Gaye Tee

Style: +Red ll +Black


Category: T-shirts

Price: $48


Name: Smile Tee

Style: +Yellow ll +

Keyword: +Smile

Category: T-shirts

Price: $36


Name: Bombay Tee

Style: +Black ll +White ll


Category: T-shirts

Price: $36


Name: Ludens Tee

Style: +Grey ll +Black ll +



Price: $44


Name: Gore-Tex Taped Seam Trooper

Style: +Floral ll +Brown ll +Black ll +lime


Category: Hats

Price: $88


Name: Ludens Beanie

Style: +Black


Category: Hats

Price: $36


Name: Snowflake Neck Gaiter

Style: +Brown ll +Yellow ll +Grey

Keyword: +Gaiter

Category: Hats

Price: $36


Name: Supreme NY Camp Cap

Style: +White ll +Red ll +Royal ll +Black

Keyword: +NY,+Cap

Category: Hats

Price: $48


Name: Unseen Santa BOGO ornament

Style: NA


Category: Accessories

Price: $42


Name: Supreme x Ludens Cough drops

Style: NA

Keyword: +Ludens


Price: $2