Shipping and Storing Your Merchandise


Packaging and shipping your most prized possession(s) is crucial and presentation is EVERYTHING!

First thing first, please make sure you select/choose the correct packaging materials; when shipping apparel, it’s very important to pack each item neatly in the appropriately size box(es), in order to avoid wrinkles and damages to your hype gear. If you are going to be shipping one garment (ex: t-shirt, button down shirt, sweater, hoodie, jacket, shoes, etc.) please place/keep inside either its original box (shoes), dust bag or poly bag (clothing) and secure by closing tight, properly tape and secure the shipping box.

For shipping singular t-shirts and/or pants a padded shipping envelope should be sufficient, if shipping bulkier gear (sweater, jacket, shoes or multiple items) please use a corrugated box, it will protect the apparel better and a well-size box, will prevent shifting around inside and avoid wrinkles.

Always fold your wear/gear neatly before packing, *do not, EVER* fold or crease the logos (ex: Supreme box logo), smooth out any wrinkles or creases very neatly with your hands, fold the sleeves over the back, then fold the edges in length-wise, place the item neatly inside the adequate shipping mailer (box or envelope) and if possible pack the box with a filler (no peanuts), use bubble wraps and/or packing paper, to secure your item while in transit.


  • Preferred shipping methods: UPS, FedEx or USPS within the United States and DHL from or for most other countries (Provide Tracking Information)
  • Write the consignee full name, address and contact phone number clearly
  • Use proper and appropriate size box(es), pack with filler (bubble wraps, packing



How to Preserve Your Heat:

When you get a pair of something that you have been looking for forever, you just want to vacuum seal it and admire its “gloriousness”. However, we all know that isn’t possible and we need to find new ways to preserve the things we adore so much.

The first tip for storing your sneakers is to avoid keeping them on the ground. The ground is a great place for dust to collect and you don’t want any of it in your shoe collection.

Invest in the right storage material, believe it or not, your clothes need to breathe, which means, locked, tight closets are not the best choice for your hottest, hype wear/gear. Understand what needs to be folded, each items needs specific and particular care whether it’s hung, folded or stacked, please don’t use WIRE HANGERS, they have tendencies to distort and also rust easily, can you imagine your white Supreme box logo with a rust stain – ruined.

Don’t mingle your worn clothes with the clean ones. Body oil and perfumes/colognes attract bugs that can FEAST on old and new clothing, please clean your item(s) before retiring it to long-term storage.

Finally, make sure you dedicate time to check on the condition of your possessions. As your collection grows larger it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start keeping a list/inventory. You dedicated or will dedicate a lot of time to acquire what you cherish, so it is in your best interest for those things to last the test of time.