Top 5 Supreme Accessories 2018


Welcome to the PD Top 5 Supreme Accessories of 2018!!! This list is subjective and we listed items by the overall hype and excitement that surrounded their drop and not, necessarily, by the face value or post-retail value of the item. The 2018 seasons brought in a lot of new accessories that garnered a lot of attention through their distinct qualities and we hope we can do justice by highlighting a few of them. Let’s start with some honorable mentions. 


Honorable Mentions


Supreme x Tamiya Hornet RC Car

The RC car does not scream Supreme based solely on its appearance. Nevertheless, it does its best to stand out using a flame decal covering the whole body of the car. Lately, there has been a growth in the RC scene where many enthusiasts build, drive and collect these vehicles. The release paired well with that growth and Supreme made sure to capitalize on this rare collab.


Supreme x Santa Cruz Mountain Bike

Another interesting release was the bicycle. It seemed to target a particular demographic but truly made for an awesome collector’s item. Additionally, the Supreme x Santa Cruz Bike paired exceptionally with one accessory item we have in our top 5 list. 


  1. Supreme x SOP Hand Axe S/S 18

The Hand Axe was a peculiar drop as it diverged from previous “weapon-like” accessories. However, it stayed true to the fact that these items, like pocket-knives, are highly sought after. The simplicity of the ax and its color truly make it stand out whether its still in its packaging or half-way through a wooden target.

  1. Supreme Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak

If you’re a filthy reseller, this one isn’t for you. We did it for the hypebeasts! The Supreme Kayak was a truly unique accessory. Whether you were an avid outdoorsman or a collector this item was eye-catching. Supreme managed to demonstrate how they can capture any consumer and did once again with their signature detailing. We aren’t too sure how well the Kayak performs in the water, but it sure does look great next to the Supreme x Santa Cruz Bike. 

3. Supreme x Rimowa Suitcase

The Supreme x Rimowa suitcase makes its first impression one to remember, with its bright metallic red coating and signature Supreme lettering. This drop was extremely popular due to the collab involving a high-end luggage company in Rimowa, which is known for their product’s durability and simplicity. The suitcase came in two sizes maximizing the utility that consumers could take advantage of if they were to use it. We’ll just say this, if you walked through the airport with this suitcase – you were poppin’.

  1. Supreme Shoulderbag S/S 18

The Shoulder-Bag was an iconic piece dropped in the spring-summer season of 2018. S/S 18 was also the season of the waist-bag. Supreme helped the shoulder-bag and waist-bag gain importance in both fashion and utility with their releases. Bags produced by Supreme always tend to do well on markets and the Shoulder-Bag was no exception. However, unlike the waist-bag, the strap’s lettering travels much further, to the delight of many including us. 

  1. Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine S/S 18

The pinball machine… This has got to be the most hyped accessory item in 2018. Leading up to its release there was a buzz in the community about how much stock would be available, especially since it was obvious that it would not be produced extensively. The piece was a collector’s dream to obtain and its minimal production led to crazy prices – upwards of $30,000 – after its release. The pinball machine is a once-in-a-lifetime release and we believe that it does its job in highlighting the awesome releases we saw from Supreme in 2018. 


Let us know what your top 5 would be or what you would change in our list.