Nike Air FOG 1 Light Bone

Not December 15th. Now 1/19/19


ALWAYS use at least a 1:1 task/proxy ratio. For example: 10 tasks would need 10 proxies

  • It is suggested to run 50% of tasks with the advance, 50% without (unless instructed otherwise)
  • All Shopify sites need Captcha selected


Harvesters (1-Clicks)

20-45 minutes before the drop-time, open your Harvesters by clicking . If you use more than 1 Harvester you need proxies. Enter your Proxy in the field.  Press Save. Resi proxies are recommended for stability as Google bans now.  Click Login and use a Gmail/edu account and watch Youtube videos. To increase chances of getting one click captchas, be sure to “like” a couple of videos. Remember to keep the tab open. Logout after the drop.

Start Time Instructions

There are 2 ways to start.

Choose one to follow

Basic Delay – If you DON’T have proxies

Start 1-2 minutes before the drop

  • If proxies aren’t being used, set Monitor Delay to 2000.
  • Set Monitor Delay to 1000 if proxies are being used
  • Error Delay set at 1000

Advanced Delay (Faster) – MUST-HAVE Proxies

5-10 Minutes before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Set Monitor Delay to 10,000 and Error delay to 10,000. Press Save
  • Start Tasks

5-10 Seconds before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Change Monitor Delay to 500 and Error Delay to 500. Press Save


Using a different Account and Profile for each task will give you the best chance at success.


If you don’t have Proxies (You should always have I don’t know why you don’t. If you are still reading this, go get some proxies!!!)

Disclaimer: Test your delays. If you do get banned, call your ISP and ask them for a new IP. OR unplug your modem for 5-10 minutes and you will get a new IP if your ISP provides Dynamic IPs. Or just get proxies and you won’t have to do any of that.

Monitor Delay: 8000 – 10000

Error Delay: 500-1000

Tasks: 2 Maximum


If you do have Proxies: I will give you a calculation. You want your Proxy to ping the site about every 8000ms or so. So, if you have 4 Proxies and 2 Tasks, you would set your Monitor Delay to 4000ms. This means your individual Proxy will ping the site every 8000ms; 2000 x 4= 8000.


         – Proxy/Task Ratio x Monitor Delay = Ping. You are trying to get your Ping close to 8000.

            You have to adjust your Monitor Delay until you get an acceptable ping number.


KEYWORDS These are only suggested keywords. Others may be used if desired

         FOG 1                                   SHOOT AROUND

+nike,+1,-shoot                               +nike,+1,+shoot

+ar4237-002                                   +nike,+1,+sa

+nike,+1,-sa                                    +at9915-002                   

    Any: +nike,+bone = DSM

Any: +fear,+god,+1 = Kith/Undftd



Only ships to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

10 EST / 7 PST – Friday

Be prepared to Monitor 10 min before/after the drop time as they do not always drop on time.

Do not start tasks until the Password Page goes up.




11 AM EST / 8 AM PST



8 AM EST / 5 AM PST (or Random)



Use a different account on each task for best success.

10AM EST / 7 AM PST (or Random)

Be prepared for Mass Link change, watch your monitors.