3.0 Lightning Mode

Instructions and Explanation


Lightning Mode Instructions


  • This method takes longer to preload. Start tasks 5-10 minutes before the release (It needs to cart the “live” product prior)


  • The “live” product input can either be keywords, variants, or a URL. A URL or variant is recommended as those are the faster of the 3 methods. The input will automatically detect the mode based on the format you choose.


  • Make sure the lightning product you use is similar in weight and style to the product you’re actually going for. i.e. on Kith, going for a t-shirt I’d use another t-shirt as the lightning product.

    If you use a pair of socks as your secondary product and your primary product is shoes, you’re probably going to get a decline on sites like Kith because of the way lightning mode works. You need the 2 products to be similar.


  • The bot will pick a random, in stock, size. DO NOT use a product that is OUT of stock.


  • This will NOT work on DSM/YS. It requires the store to already be live and have another in stock product loaded. This will work on Kith, Palace, Bape, and pretty much any other Shopify site (except custom shopify)


Expected behaviour: you will see “Adding to Cart” occur twice in the logs. First, is the “live” product being carted in the preload stage, then the second would be once the preload is complete and the product is live