PD 3.0 Custom Shopify

Project Destroyer 3.0 comes with the new feature of being able to run any shopify site. The first thing we are going to go over is how to tell if a site is a Shopify site or not. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the website, right click on the page, then click  “View Page Source”


  1.  Use “Find” and search the word Shopify. If Shopify comes up on the search, then it is a Shopify site!


Now that you know your site is a Shopify site. This is how to launch Custom Shopify tasks. First, got to the New Task tab. Next, type “Custom” in the Site Type window.

Now, select what you want to Monitor for. You can use Keywords, URL, or Variants.

In the box below, enter the site URL. This will normally be the sites homepage, https://iceyrabbitclothing.com. Be sure not to add anything after (.com) Ex: iceyrabbittclothing.com/products or /collections. Having /collections or /products will cause your tasks to not run properly.

Choose the mode you would want to run. This varies depending on the site. “Safe” mode is the default mode but you can run test tasks to see if Advanced mode will work.

Now, choose the Proxy Group if you want to use one.


Other added features include custom delay, price range, and size range can be used on custom shopify.  For most cases, Account and Captcha are usually not needed but can vary between sites.

Choose your sizes, profiles, task count, and schedule if needed