Project Destroyer 3.0 Proxy Groups

In 3.0, Project Destroyer now allows you to create separate groups of proxies that will allow you to run multiple site types at once with ease. Most sites, other than Shopify, pre-ban certain datacenter subnets so many of the DC proxies you purchase will not work. By allowing you to create multiple proxy groups, you can test beforehand and find out which proxies work on which site and create groups depending on your needs. Now let’s get started!


First, to get to Proxy Groups, start by choosing the Proxies tab.



By default, 3.0 creates one proxy list named Global for you to use. If you don’t plan on creating multiple proxy groups, you can paste all of your proxies into the left box.

Press Save. Then you’re all finished.



To create a Proxy Group, click “New Group”

The Create a New Proxy Group window will open.

List Name – A unique name to identify your proxy group.

Paste your Proxies in the main box, then click “Create Group.”

Once you are done, you will be able to see a new list in the Proxy Group drop down.



After creating your Proxy Groups, head over to the New Task tab and you will now be able to see all of your groups in the Proxy Group drop down. Pick the proxy group you would like to use with that task and you’re all set.