Welcome to the Project Destroyer A.I.O. Guide. This is an interactive guide. If you want to get more info, click the purple text and it will take you there!     

Getting Started

The main purpose of this guide is to provide knowledge on how to make, control and understand task types when using Project Destroyer. This guide will help you become a Shopify site Master. The other site types will have their own guides, so you can mast those too. With this guide, you will know how and when to use all the tools Project Destroyer 3.0 provides. Start with the Profiles section, then move on to New Tasks.

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The Dashboard of PD is where all of your tasks are shown. From here, you have options to launch and edit tasks, and more.

Task Actions – Individual Task Controls

    – Start Button

    – Pause Button

     – Delete Button

    – Copy Button  

    – Opens up the PayPal window. (Only for sites that support paypal checkout)

Global Controls

Connectivity Button – This will tell you if you are connected to the PD servers or not

Mass Link Change + Password Input

Global Schedule – Schedule all your tasks to start at a time you select.

Cancel Schedule  – This will cancel any scheduled start times

Import Tasks – Load pre-made tasks into PD (Useful for transferring files on a server)

Export Tasks – Save current tasks for storage. (Useful for transferring files on a server or making templates for Account Login sites)

Mass Link Change Window – Use this if the site drops with an unexpected product name, or if your KW do not pickup. If your KW do not pickup, your tasks will remain “Monitoring”.

URL/KW/Variant: Input your URL, Variant or KW.

Size: Size selection

Style: Supreme Only

Site Password: When a site drops with a Password Page, enter the Password then click “Enable”

Click “SAVE” after making any changes.

New Task

Here is where we will learn how to build and launch tasks. This is where you will spend most of your time when using PD. Task setups are going to be pretty much the same for every Shopify site. The other SiteTypes (Mesh, Footsites, Supreme) have slightly different setups, but are not that different overall. Each site type has it’s own guide for setup if you need it.

SiteType Window

This is where you choose the Site you want to run. Type in the name, then click it to get started. All the sites that Project Destroyer Supports are located in this list.

If you want to setup more than 1 site at once, press and hold Ctrl/Cmd when selecting the sites from the list.

Task Specifications

This is where you put what value you want Project Destroyer to checkout. You can use URLs (Links/ Early Links), Keywords (name of the item), or Variants (a site-specific PID).

  – This uses a very similar method as going on the site through your browser. Slower, but safer. You MUST use this mode for DSM sites. Be sure to run tasks on Kith, Bape and Yeezy Supply Safe mode in addition to other modes.  

  – This mode uses a backend endpoint. It pre-loads some of your info for a faster checkout.

Super Safe mode – is recommended as the safest way to checkout with Shopify anti bot in place. Useful for sites like Kith and Palace we’ve been having issues on vs anti bot.

  – Enter the amount you want to purchase. Mainly for FUNKO sites.

  – When the item is carted, the task will switch to this proxy to checkout. If You are running a mixture of sites that need Resi and/or DC Proxies. A perfect example is Mesh. FootPatrol needs UK Static Resi proxies and Size? and Solebox use UK DC proxies. These sites drop at the same time but use different proxies. You would use your UK Static Resi proxies here for your FootPatrol tasks. DO NOT USE THIS PROXY ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE BOT.


Lightning Mode – is the fastest way to checkout, period. You must start the task 5-10 minutes before the release, it takes longer to start because it pre-loads all of your information for the checkout process. MUST be used with “Live Product”. Will NOT work with DSM sites, Custom Shopify, or any site that has a password page.

Live Product – Only usable with “Lightning Mode”. Put a link from the site you are running here. The link that you use MUST be from a product that is already on-site, WITH in stock sizes or quantities. Make sure the lightning product you use is similar in weight and style to the product you’re actually going for.

Example: On Kith, going for a t-shirt I’d use another t-shirt as the lightning product.

— If you use a pair of socks as your secondary product and your primary product is shoes, you’re probably going to get declined on sites like Kith because of the way lightning mode works. You need the 2 products to be similar —

Shipping rates – refer to the shipping method on Shopify sites. By adding the Shipping Rates to the bot, you skip this step at checkout which makes your checkout times faster. Custom Shipping Rates are mainly used on sites that have a Password Page up as you wouldn’t be able to use Lightning Mode.  shipping rate simply copy and paste it into the shipping rate field. Note that shipping rates differentiate based on the location (almost always the same across US states) and sometimes the weight of an item. *Note* Shipping Rates are going to be different for everyone due to location, some sites change Shipping Rates based on Zip codes, so it is encouraged that you get your own Shipping Rates.

How To Find Shipping Rates

You will usually need these for sites that use Password pages or if you want to make sure that you have the correct Rate for your area. To find your own Shipping Rates do the following, First, go to the site and add an item to cart and follow the normal checkout process. Once you press “Continue to Shipping”, you will go to the next page, this is page where you get the Shipping Rates. Press Ctrl+Shift+I and you will see a console open on the right side of your screen. Now, press Ctrl+F and a search bar will open. In the Search Bar, type “shipping_rate” (no “ marks) and you will see a highlighted search appear. Now, Look for the one that begins with “id=” .

Here is an example of the format you are looking for: id=”checkout_shipping_rate_id_shopify-ups20ground205-720business20days-10_00”.

Copy the portion inside the “” marks and paste into the Shipping Rates filed in PD.  Example of the Shipping Rate format to copy into PD: checkout_shipping_rate_id_shopify-ups20ground205-720business20days-10_00

Monitor Inputs

We’ve talked about Keywords, URLs and Variants to use in the different Monitor inputs. Here, we will explain a little bit more about them.  


This is the set of words PD uses to find the item. All KW have to be entered in the format +word,+word,+word. Each word starting with a + sign and separated by a comma.

Negative KW: There are a couple of situations when you want to use Negative KW. You will add your Negative KW to the end of your KW chain.

  1.  There is more than one size range. (Toddler, Kids, Grade School, Womens)
  2.  There is more than 1 color dropping at the same time.

Ex: +jordan,+1,+retro,+og,-gs (GS = Grade School)


This is the second fastest way to checkout. The URL is the direct link to the product, https://kith.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/nike-air-max-1-outdoor-green-sail-black . If you have an “Early Link” select this mode.


This is the fastest way to checkout. This is the PID (Product ID), specific to the website for the size and product. You can ONLY get them after the website has loaded the product and/or have an early link. The size selection does not matter for Variant mode because the Variant IS the size too. A Variant will look like a string of random numbers.


Variant=1766991593479 —————————————————-^

Task Options

When making your Tasks, you will have options available to use. After you choose the Site Type, the options that you can use will be available. Here, we will explain them all.

– Select this if you want to use your Account Groups for the task. CAN be used for Custom Shopify.

  – Choose this to have the Captcha Harvester ready for a Captcha. You can run without Captcha, but IF there is a Captcha, it will take longer to connect. Undftd doesn’t require Captcha. Kith is 50/50.

  – PD will only search the latest 25 items loaded to the SiteMap of the website. These are NOT necessarily the products in “Newest Products” on the website.  

  – Set Error Delays and Monitor Delays specific to the task you are making. This is useful if you want to run a Live drop, but still have tasks monitoring for restocks. You would use this for the resock tasks.

  – Set your Price Minimum and Maximum for purchase in the boxes. PD will not checkout an item outside of this price range.

  – Makes 1 task per size for each size in the run. Let’s say you choose sizes 7-9, PD will make a task for each size in that range (7, 7.5, 81 8.5, 9). You need to have “Random” size selected in the Finalize window.


Your Profiles is where everything starts. Having a good Profile setup is key when using any site. If you have ever used autofill, this is pretty much the same thing, the main difference is that you are going to be using more than 1 Profile at the same time, so you want the information to appear different to the sites you are running. One thing you want to remember, is to use the “Jig Address”, “Dot Trick” and “Jig Phone” options to help make sure that your Profiles appear to be different. The main thing you will have to do, is Jig the Billing, Shipping and  Name on Card fields. To Jig your name, just use common misspellings of your name (John, Jon, Jan, Jonn). If you use Privacy cards or virtual credit cards provided by your bank or credit card company, you can make the name whatever you want. One thing you can’t Jig is your CC number.

  – Select this if you want your Shipping info to match your Billing info.

  – PD will Jig your address. Ex: KJAB 123 Test Street, 123 SDH Test Street. You still need different CC info for every Profile.

  – The profile will only be able to check out once on each site.If you use this Profile on too many tasks at the same time, it might not work. You will not be able to buy multiples with this profile.

  – Randomizes the last 4 digits of your Phone number. The Area code remains the same.

 – Will work for .edu and Gmails. Ex: [email protected] and [email protected]


This is where you will enter the proxies you want to use for your tasks. You can also create Proxy Groups for tasks on different types of sites or for monitoring restocks. The first thing you are going to do is copy and paste or drag and drop your proxy list into the box on the left, then press save. These proxies will be your default Global Proxy list. If you do not choose a Proxy Group for your tasks, they will use the Global proxy list.


  – Deletes all your proxies from the proxy list on the left.

  – Creates a new Proxy Group

  – Deletes the selected Proxy Group

Proxy Test Window

When you want to use the Proxy Test feature, copy and paste or drag and drop your proxies into the box on the left, then select your site from the the Test list and press the Test button. If you have failed proxies and want to get rid of them, press the “Clear Failed” button. DO NOT test all of your DC proxies at the same time because they might get banned, test only a couple at a time, waiting at least 30 seconds in between tests.

  – Select the site you want to test your proxies on here.

  – Click this to test your proxies on the site you chose.

  – This will delete any proxies that show as “Timed Out” from your test.


The Accounts tab is where you input your Accounts for sites that require login. For Size?Previews, PD will make accounts for you, you do not need to select the option.

The Site dropdown box on the bottom-left side of the screen are sites you can test your accounts on. The default setting for all of your Accounts is “Global”, located to the right of the “Clear Failed” button. It is suggested to make different Account Groups for the sites that do require logins as your accounts may not be the same for each of these sites.  


– Saves your Accounts to the “Global” account list.

– Click this to test your accounts on the site you chose.

– Deletes all of your Accounts from the list on the left.

– This will delete any accounts that show as “Invalid” from your test.

– Creates a new Account Group

– Deletes the selected Account Group

Creating Tasks with Accounts

To make a New Task using the accounts group you made, you need to select “Account Group” on the bottom-right of the screen when you are creating your task. PD will launch a task for every Account in that group. This is important, because when you are making your tasks, you only want to use each Account twice. This means you might have to delete some of the tasks PD creates at the moment. Here, we will show an example of the best setup.


This is where you will setup all your overall task defaults. The left side, “General Settings”, is where you set the defaults for your tasks. The right side is for your “QuickTask Settings”, and controls your default settings for them.  

General Settings                                             QuickTask Settings


General Settings

Here, we will go over the options available for your tasks.

  – Paste your Discord Webhook here.

  – Paste your Slack Webhook here.

  -This is the speed that PD retries each request upon any kind of Error, when a site gives an Error such as a website crash, login fail, proxy timeout, etc. Error Delay is in MS, so 1000 = 1 second. We   recommend keeping this between 0-1000 and higher than 1000 if you don’t have proxies.

  -This is the speed that PD refreshes the site when in “Monitor” mode or in “Restock Monitor” mode. We have Start Instructions available in our guides for how to set this before a drop. When running for Restock, use this formula: Proxy/Task Ratio x Monitor Delay = Ping. You are trying to get your Ping close to 8000. Adjust your Monitor Delay until you get an acceptable Ping number.

 Ex: Proxy/Task Ratio = 4. So 4 x 2000 = 8000. This means Monitor Delay = 2000

  – This is your Proxy Group selection for all of your tasks. “Global”, the default setting, is all of your proxies.

  – If you 1-Clicks, PD will Auto-Click them. It is Highly recommended to have this on at all times.

  – If you have a Discord Webhook in the box, this will activate it.

  – If you have a Slack Webhook in the box, this will activate it.

– Tasks with the same KW/URL will Monitor with 1 task. The other tasks will wait for the 1st task to pickup a product, then they will start the checkout process. Using this setting will reduce the risk of getting banned and also saves data when using GB Proxy Plans.

  – When running sites that support PayPal checkout, PD will use your Monitor proxies with the PayPal window, so you are able to login to multiple PayPal accounts if you have them.

  – This will use the website Time.is for the most accurate time. Very useful for dropping delays before a drop.

  – This will log you out off all Gmails and Clear Cookies in your Harvesters.

  – Restores all of the default settings in the Settings tab.

  – Saves your changed settings. You have to press Save every time you drop Delays before the drop.

QuickTask Settings

These are the options available for your QuickTasks when they are launched.

  – Here, you can choose a Default mode to launch your Quicktasks.

  – Your Quicktasks will launch 2 tasks, 1 advanced mode and 1 safe mode.

  – Enter your Account login info in this format Email:Password. PD will launch UNDFTD, Concepts and Hanon tasks with your Account info.

  – Set your Default shoe size for your Quicktasks.

  – Set your default clothing size for your Quicktasks.

  – Set your default checkout delay for Supreme Quicktasks.


This page allows you to see the dates, profiles, and sites you purchased from. You can organize them by Days, Weeks, Months or Years. Choose “Achievements” to see when you unlocked the available achievements. Click “Checkouts” to see the Site, Profile, Date and even the Order Numbers so you can keep track of all your cops!  


Project Destroyer now has downloadable content! When you get “Achievements”, like getting 10 checkouts on DSMNY, you will get coins. Use your coins to unlock new Skins for your copy of Project Destroyer! New content and goals will be constantly uploaded. From Yeezy colorways to video games, there will be a lot of fun things available. What would you like to see?