PD 3.0 – Custom Delays

3.0 Adds yet another convenient feature, which is custom delays. Custom delays allow you to run certain tasks with the specific delay, conveniently allowing you to run different delays for multiple tasks. This could be used for restocks, different sites, or just about anything else you can imagine it to be used for.

Note: Once you set the delay change in setting, it will save onto your “custom delay” tasks as well.


Now, let’s have a look at the custom delay feature!

First, make sure you have the custom delay option enabled on your task dashboard to enable the use of the feature. This is located on the bottom of task specifications along with other options we have.

NOTE: The options near “custom delay” may change depending on the site type you’re using. Currently, I am using “custom Shopify”, which has all these options.


Now, you may set whatever delay you want, true for the tasks made! Simply fill it out.