PD 3.0 – Running with Accounts

Sometimes, sites may forcibly make you run accounts such as the more popular known sites like, Hanon or Undefeated, or other sites such as SSense, BSTN, and Solebox. These are sites that require an account to purchase items, and there may be more outside of the listed sites.

This guide will teach you how to run with accounts on the sites, which is simple.

The first step would be to create an account for the website.

Keep it simple or write it down so you remember, the account itself does not matter.

If you are creating mass accounts, we recommend using the dot trick ([email protected] -> [email protected]) which works only for GMAIL accounts, or plus trick ([email protected] -> [email protected]), which is true for GMAIL only as well. Although it is in fact the same email in the google system, this is a bypass that tricks the website’s automated system into thinking it is a different email.

Another popular solution is catchalls, which you would have to register yourself, independently.

This method will allow you to create multiple accounts while forwarding the order and information to the same email, which could be useful if the merchant only allows one order per purchase.

Moving on, after creating an account, you should go on your tasks and enable “Account”, which is beneath the specifications of the task.

This will enable the previously disabled email and password option, which will allow you to put the account information in.  

After that, you should be able to run the tasks with said account. If the tasks suddenly stop, it would be because the account login is wrong.