PD 3.0 – Task Groups

What are the so called “Task Groups”?

With 3.0 comes a convenient new feature, grouping of tasks. The group based tasks allows you to select a certain group of tasks based on selected tasks, the site type, or store of the tasks.


Once you’ve selected your group, you could perform a list of actions to the group selected. Currently, we have start, stop, clear, or clone. This will apply to every single task that belongs to the group.

Not sure how it works yet? Let’s take a look.

First, familiar yourself with where you would perform most of the action introduced in the Task Groups. You can find this on the top right of your Project Destroyer.

Where it says “0 selected tasks” OR “all Shopify site type tasks” would be where you choose which group of selected tasks you would want to use.

We will go in depth with each specific option later, but just keep in mind you could switch the group you want to use by clicking on the group.

After that, you may perform the list of actions we have with the group by clicking on “actions”.

This will apply the action to ALL of the selected tasks, belonging to the group you chose.


Now, let’s go over what the “0 selected tasks” means.

The selected tasks refers to the specific selection of tasks to a group. You can choose the wanted task for this group by going on your task dashboard, and click on the checkboxes on the first row of your tasks.

(This was boxed by the pink color.)

You could either select all of the existing tasks with checking the first box on the right of “ID”, or specifically select your task by checking the individually.

If done correctly, it should reflect on the top right, updating the message of “selected tasks”.

Now, you may do whatever you wish to the selected tasks with the list of actions we offer!

Finally, let’s take a look at “all sitetype tasks”.

With this option, it actually stretches to more option as you can see with the dropbox icon.

Simply hover over it to see your options.

Depending on the tasks you have, the options may vary. However, as you can see, it generalizes the tasks into site type, and site specific groups. If you select “Shopify Site Type”, it will select all Shopify tasks. However, if you select “A Ma Maniere”, it will only select all A Ma Maniere tasks. A Ma Maniere would be the site specific, and Shopify Site Type would be the site type.

Selecting this will select all the tasks in bulk true to the category, so it could be convenient when you do not want to narrow down individually as the other option we offer.

After that, as mentioned before, you could press action and perform whatever mass action we offer to the selected tasks.