ALWAYS use at least a 1:1 task/proxy ratio. For example: 10 tasks would need 10 proxies

  • It is suggested to run 1/3 of tasks Advanced mode, and 1/3 Safe Mode and 1/3 Lightning Mode. Lightning Mode does not work on DSM sites or YS
  • Lightning Mode Guide:
  • All Shopify sites need New Product selected for now


Harvesters (1-Clicks)

20-45 minutes before the drop-time, open your Harvesters by clicking . If you use more than 1 Harvester you HAVE to use proxies, If you are on a server, you HAVE to use proxies in the Harvester. Enter your Proxy in the field. Press Save. Resi proxies are recommended for stability as Google bans now.  Click Login and use a Gmail/edu account and watch Youtube videos. To increase chances of getting one click captchas, be sure to “like” a couple of videos. Remember to keep the Harvester window open during the drop. Logout after the drop.

Start Time Instructions

There are 2 ways to start.

Choose one to follow

Method 1 – If you DON’T have proxies

Start 1-2 minutes before the drop

  • If proxies aren’t being used, set Monitor Delay to 2000.
  • Set Monitor Delay to 1000 if proxies are being used
  • Error Delay set at 1000

Method 2 (Faster) – MUST-HAVE Proxies

5-10 Minutes before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Set Monitor Delay to 10,000 and Error delay to 10,000. Press Save
  • Start Tasks

5-10 Seconds before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Change Monitor Delay to 500 and Error Delay to 500. Press Save



You will have to monitor the site for a drop. Your Error Delay can be whatever you are comfortable with and is largely based on experience. Your Monitor Delay will be directly related to your Proxy/Task ratio. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 1:1, you will have to use a Monitor Delay of around 8000. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 2:1, you can use a Monitor Delay of around 4000. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 3:1, you can use a Monitor Delay of around 2500.


KEYWORDS These are only suggested keywords. Others may be used if desired




+700,-f&f  = Yeezy Supply KW


3am EST / 12am PST (guessing based on past releases)

Wait for the PW page to go up before starting your tasks.


8am EST / 5am PST

Sizes 8-13, No 12.5


8am EST / 5am PST


8:30am EST / 5:30am EST


10am EST / 7am PST

Make sure to watch your monitor in case you need to Mass Link change. Also make sure to run non-advanced mode as Kith changes things up.


10am EST / 7am PST

Monitor this site earlier than drop time. They release early sometimes.


10am EST / 7am PST


12pm EST / 9am PST

Sizes 5-12

Might not ship to US. Try anyway or use reshipper.


11am EST / 8am PST

Use 1 account per task for best success. Do not use more than 2 accounts per task.