ALWAYS use at least a 1:1 task/proxy ratio. For example: 10 tasks would need 10 proxies

  • It is suggested to run 1/3 of tasks Advanced mode, and 1/3 Safe Mode and 1/3 Lightning Mode. Lightning Mode does not work on DSM sites or YS
  • Lightning Mode Guide:


Harvesters (1-Clicks)

20-45 minutes before the drop-time, open your Harvesters by clicking . If you use more than 1 Harvester you HAVE to use proxies, If you are on a server, you HAVE to use proxies in the Harvester. Enter your Proxy in the field. Press Save. Resi proxies are recommended for stability as Google bans now.  Click Login and use a Gmail/edu account and watch Youtube videos. To increase chances of getting one click captchas, be sure to “like” a couple of videos. Remember to keep the Harvester window open during the drop. Logout after the drop.

Start Time Instructions

There are 2 ways to start.

Choose one to follow

Method 1 – If you DON’T have proxies

Start 1-2 minutes before the drop

  • If proxies aren’t being used, set Monitor Delay to 2000.
  • Set Monitor Delay to 1000 if proxies are being used
  • Error Delay set at 1000

Method 2 (Faster) – MUST-HAVE Proxies

5-10 Minutes before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Set Monitor Delay to 10,000 and Error delay to 10,000. Press Save
  • Start Tasks

5-10 Seconds before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Change Monitor Delay to 500 and Error Delay to 500. Press Save



You will have to monitor the site for a drop. Your Error Delay can be whatever you are comfortable with and is largely based on experience. Your Monitor Delay will be directly related to your Proxy/Task ratio. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 1:1, you will have to use a Monitor Delay of around 8000. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 2:1, you can use a Monitor Delay of around 4000. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 3:1, you can use a Monitor Delay of around 2500.

KEYWORDS These are only suggested keywords. Others may be used if desired




YeezySupply EU  – +350,-f&f


7am GMT / 3am EST / 12am PST (guessing based on past releases)

Wait for the PW page to go up before starting your tasks.

Both advanced and safe mode can be used for YS. Use a mix for the best success rates.



Unconfirmed (Usually 3am EST/ 7am GMT)

Mode: Safe Mode



4pm GMT / 12pm EST / 9am PST

Sizes 5-12

Might not ship to US. Try anyway or use reshipper.









US sizing 6-12 including half sizes

UK Server + UK Proxies Recommended for speed.

*NOTE* If using Residential proxies, use Sticky/Static. If your IP changes, you will be kicked from the queue.


Your selected Profile won’t matter because it is PayPal checkout only.


Enable Proxies with PayPal: Not Recommended if you don’t have proxies close to your location. If selected with Proxies that are not close to your location, PayPal might flag your account for fraud.

Start Instructions: Start tasks no more than 1-2 minutes before release for best results.

Checkout Instructions:

  1. Start your tasks  – Once you see “Waiting for Window” double click the PayPal button

*Note*  –  If no window is open it will wait until you open one, then it will load the Paypal checkout URL.

  1. Proceed to enter PayPal checkout info and complete payment in window.




Alternate Checkout Method *Note this method is slower*

  1. Enable your Slack/Discord Webhook with your Webhook inserted into the proper field.
  2. Log into your PayPal before the drop and make sure “One Touch Checkout” is activated.  
  3. Once the item is carted, you will be sent a Webhook, where you can use “Click Here” to login.
  4. PayPal will open in a new window, select your payment method and complete checkout.



Keyword: +Yeezy,+Form


JD Sports

Random (Usually 1-2AM EST/ 5-6AM GMT)