Palace Spring Week 6 2019

Friday, March 29nd

UK 11:00am BST, US 11:00am EST



ALWAYS use at least a 1:1 task/proxy ratio. For example: 10 tasks would need 10 proxies

  • It is suggested to run 50% of tasks with advance mode, 50% without (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Shopify sites are changing things up, it is recommended to have captchas on for most tasks and only leaving a few without.
  • Due to the functioning of the queue system, it is suggested to start tasks 5-10 minutes before the drop unless instructed otherwise


Harvesters (1-Clicks)

20-45 minutes before the drop-time, open your Harvesters by clicking . If you use more than 1 Harvester you need proxies. Enter your Proxy in the field.  Press Save, static data-center proxies are recommended for stability as Google bans now. Login to a Gmail/edu account and watch Youtube videos. To increase chances of getting one click captchas, be sure to “like” a couple of videos. Remember to keep the tab open.


Start Time Instructions

There are 2 ways to start.

Choose one of the following:

Basic Delay (Slower) – Can do without Proxies

Start 1-2 minutes before the drop

  • If proxies aren’t being used, set Monitor Delay to 2000.
  • Set Monitor Delay to 1000 if proxies are being used
  • Error Delay set at the same as Monitor Delay

Advanced Delay (Faster) – MUST-HAVE Proxies

  1. 5-10 Minutes before the drop
  • In the Settings Tab – Set Error Delay to 10,000 and, Monitor delay to 10,000. Press Save
  • Start Tasks

2. 10 Seconds before the drop

  • In the Settings Tab – Change Monitor Delay to 500 and Error Delay to 500. Press Save



Lightning Mode is the fastest way to checkout, period. You must start the task 5-10 minutes before the release, it takes longer to start because it pre-loads all of your information for the checkout process. MUST be used with “Live Product”. Will NOT work with DSM sites or any site that has a password page.


Live Link

Only usable with “Lightning Mode”. make sure the lightning product you use is similar to the product you’re going for.





Make sure to include the full link including the https://

NOTE:  Palace has been randomizing links as of late.  Run a mix of links and keywords.


Here we will show an example of how to use the colors listed. You will have to insert the color you want from the color list we have for the item. You will replace (color) with the color of your choice. If you want the Duo Hood in White, your KW will be +duo,+hood,+white


P Racer Top

Keywords: +racer,+top

Colors: +navy || +white || +black,-white


Retail:  £248/€288/$288


Team Jacket

Keywords: +team,+jacket


Retail:  £98/€128/$128


Team Panel Jean

Keywords: +team,+hean


Retail:  £88/€108/$108


Acropalace Crew

Keywords: +acopalace,+crew

Colors: +blue || +black


Retail:  £43/€48/$48


Nuff Nuff Hood

Keywords: +nuff,+hood

Colors: +white || +purple || +black


Retail:  £38/€43/$43



Sofar Hood

Keywords: +sofar,+hood

Colors: +brown || +oatmeal || + orange || +navy || +blue || +grey || +white || +black


Retail:  £38/€43/$43



Sofar Jogger

Keywords: +sofar,+jogger

Colors: +brown || +oatmeal || +navy || +grey || +white || +black


Retail:  £48/€52/$52


Tex T-Shirt

Keywords: +deflecto,+bun

Colors: +blue || +navy || +orange || +black


Retail:  £48/€52/$52


Deflecto Bun Bag

Keywords: +deflecto,+bun

Colors: +silver || +black


Retail:  £48/€52/$52


Flash Shell P 6-Panel

Keywords: +flash

Colors: +teal || +navy || +black


Retail:  £48/€60/$60


Metal Shell 6-Panel

Keywords: +metal

Colors: +fluro || +white || +black


Retail:  £14/€20/$20