Supreme Spring/Summer 19 Week 6


  • Start: 1 minute before drop
  • We suggest regular mode but safe mode is a good fall back option now.


  • Monitors: We suggest using both Desktop Category and Combo per item desired.
  • Monitor/Error Delays 0-750
  • It is suggested to make multiple tasks with Checkout Delays ranging from 3000-5000.
  • Choose size for clothes/ shoes or Random for Accessories/Hats



See Supreme 101 guide for more info (   




  • Monitor type does not matter in URL mode.
  • Use the URL from Supreme website for the item + color you want.


  • Do Not select Captcha for Restocks.
  • Monitor & Error Delays (see note for restocks)
  • Style: Use the same color as the URL you chose
  • Choose size for clothes/ shoes or Random for Accessories/Hats



Note for restocks

Because Supreme has started to ban IPs now, if you don’t have proxies, you will have to experiment with Error/Monitor Delays. If you don’t have proxies, 3-4 tasks with a Error Delay of 500 and a Monitor Delay of 1000 is recommended (You should test this as well). To test, setup number of tasks, with desired delays, and run them, time how long they run until you see the “429” error, then wait 20-30 minutes, adjust delays, and test again.  (Failed Carting is the same as the 429 error, too many requests. Temp rate limiting ban.)


Example of Testing w/ proxies: 5 Tasks with 100/100 Delays run for 58 sec until I get 429. Adjust Delays to 500/500 and try again. Do this until you do not get the error msg anymore, then take note of what your settings are for next time.


See Supreme 101 guide for more info (

Guide for S/S 2019 Week 6 droplist and keywords: