To open the Adidas extension in PD, type “Adidas” in the site type window and select your region. Adidas releases take place at different times for each region so you will have to go to your desired Adidas region website and check the time. In Discord, we will update any SKU for Hype releases in the #Adidas Info channel.

(If you want a region added, put it in the suggestions channel on discord.)

Task creation screen

Splash Release Checkbox

– When enabled, a splash page URL input will appear. Provide the splash page URL. This is the sites base URL with /yeezy at the end, ie, unless Adidas US, when has /us/yeezy

You can leave this field blank and it will default to that URL.

Auto Checkout Checkbox

When checked, the task will attempt to checkout as guest 3 times before creating an account with the catch all, logging in and sending the cart to your Discord webhook. From there, PD will attempt to checkout with the account.

– To be used with Catch-All email.

– Currently disabled for non US.

Catch-All Checkbox

When checked, you have to use Catch-All domain. Just type out your Catch-All domain with NO @ sign. If your Catch-All is, all you have to do is put that into to the field, nothing else. You cannot enter a Catch-All using Expert View.

When you have catch all checked, PD will create an account and send the cart to your Discord webhook. It will then open a browser window for you to attempt manual checkout.

– If you do not have a catch all leave this unchecked. You will have to checkout as a guest.

– If you do not have auto checkout checkbox enabled, the task will only send a browser window.

Monitor inputs for Adidas

URL – Enter the adidas product page link from the website. This can also be an early link, if you have one.

Example –


SKU input for Adidas is very simple. Type SKU=(SKU number here)  

Example –


Variants for Adidas are made up of the SKU (BB9531) and the size code (610). Combining them in this format: BB9531_610 creates the Adidas variant for the SKU in that size.

Here is the list of Adidas size codes for you to make your Variants.


Adidas Task Setup

Make sure you are in Beginner Mode View, you cannot make Adidas tasks effectively in Expert View.

First, select your region.The proxies you use MUST match the region or the site cannot be accessed. US = US proxies, UK = UK proxis, AU = AU proxies, etc.

Next, the monitor input you plan to use. SKU, Variant or URL.

Now, you decide if you want to use a Catch-All email or not.

Finally, if this is a Splash release you will need to add the splash page URL. You can get this by going to the site, it is the page with (/yeezy) at the end.


Now, Select your Sizes or Random sizing and your Profiles. DO NOT USE SIZE RANGE.

Release Instructions


To know when the product is live, open in a browser and wait in the splash. Once you see the sizes pop-up on the page, that means the product is loaded. Now, you can start your tasks. Errors are normal, let your tasks run for the entire release.


Q: Will be adding more Adidas regions?
A: Make a suggestion if you want your region added.

Q: How do I use my catchall?

A: Advanced mode will use accounts and for beginner mode you can enter the catchall in the task creation screen.

Q: What proxies do I use for Adidas?

A: PD residential static proxies work very well.

Q: How do I set up a cart webhook?

A: Watch this video

Q: When do we start tasks?

A: Only start tasks when the sale starts. We will try to announce when you should start all tasks. Do not start when the waitroom goes live, as the product usually isn’t loaded immediately.

Q: Does it automatically cart?

A: Yes, currently for US region only, select the Auto Checkout checkbox at task creation.

Q: What delays do I use for Error and Monitor:

A: Monitor delay is not really a factor with Adidas so you can leave it at 2000-5000+ so you do not burn through your proxies. If you have a small amount (50 or less) run a higher monitor delay.  Error delay is the most important as it determines the retry rate for errors. The error rate should be 4000-6000. The program needs 1-5 requests to get past akamai (Adidas anti bot), with a 2-5s delay

Q: What is Waiting Room, Splash and FCFS

A: Waiting Room and Splash are both Adidas queue methods.  For both Waiting Room releases and Splash releases ensure the Splash Release checkbox is checked at task creation.  FCFS is First Come First Served so there is no queue, ensure Splash Release checkbox is not checked at task creation.

Q: Does it auto check out?

A: Only for US, checkout for all non-US sites is currently unavailable at this time.

Q: What is attempting to pass. (Splash)

A: This is the bot attempting to bypass the splash page. This a normal step in the procedure.

Q: What is 403 error & why did my browser open to that page?

A: You’ll receive 403 (Blocked) error when there are too many requests coming from your ip address to Adidas site. If your browser opens with this error use a mobile or incognito browser to login to the account and checkout manually. If you get 403 in browser you should fall back to carts if you can.

Q: Why are all of my tasks stuck on monitoring?

A: Adidas uses a system where they are able to load and remove stock at will. If a stock is not live yet or has been pulled you will see Monitoring on those tasks until stock is added once again. If you are 100% certain stock is live you are advised to double check your SKU, ensure there are no spaces between SKU=XXXXXX and confirm that your proxies are not banned on Adidas.

Q: What is Authorized failed?

A: Authorization failed / 403 looking into the issue on Adidas. Seems to be server sided