June 15th



ALWAYS use at least a 1:1 task/proxy ratio. For example: 10 tasks would need 10 proxies

  • Lightning Mode does not work on  any Password Protected Site including Palace, DSM Sites and Yeezy Supply. For these sites, PD has Shipping Rates
  • Lightning Mode Guide: https://projectdestroyer.com/2019/01/28/project-destroyer-3-0-lightning-mode/
  • New Product needs to be CHECKED for All Shopify Sites Except Kith, Palace, Concepts and Undefeated.
  • There are no more Shopify Start Instructions. Shopify has been making a lot of changes lately. You will have to figure out what is best for you. Start some tasks early, Start some later, use Custom Delay so your tasks have Error/Monitor Delays spread out as much as you want. Please do not ask What is the best Delay, as we do not have an answer.

Example: 2 Tasks with 750/750, 3 Tasks with 1500/1500 and 2 Tasks with 1100/1100,  started at different times before the drop, from 15 minutes to 5 seconds.

Harvesters (1-Clicks)

20-45 minutes before the drop-time, open your Harvesters by clicking . If you use more than 1 Harvester you HAVE to use proxies, If you are on a server, you HAVE to use proxies in the Harvester. Enter your Proxy in the field. Press Save. Resi proxies are recommended for stability as Google bans now, but you can use DC just fine. Click Login and use a Gmail/EDU to watch Youtube videos. To increase chances of getting one click captchas, be sure to “like” a couple of videos. Remember to keep the Harvester window open during the drop.

Old Start Time Instructions


Method 1 – If you DON’T have proxies

Start 1-2 minutes before the drop

  • If proxies aren’t being used, set Monitor Delay to 2000.
  • Set Monitor Delay to 1000 if proxies are being used
  • Error Delay set at 1000

Method 2 (Faster) – MUST-HAVE Proxies

10 Minutes before the drop

  • Set Monitor Delay to 10,000 and Error delay to 10,000. Press Save
  • Start Tasks

5-10 Seconds before the drop

  • Change Monitor Delay to 500 and Error Delay to 500. Press Save


Not for the initial drop. If you have to monitor the site for a drop or a random release drop. Your Error Delay can be whatever you are comfortable with and is largely based on experience. Your Monitor Delay will be directly related to your Proxy/Task ratio. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 1:1, you will have to use a Monitor Delay of around 8000. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 2:1, you can use a Monitor Delay of around 4000. If you have a proxy/task ratio of 3:1, you can use a Monitor Delay of around 2500.

KEYWORDS: These are only suggested keywords.

*Read the Important info at the top before you start making tasks*





+ AT3375-200

Full guide with site list and setup in the link below –