A virtual machine allows you to run Windows while on a Mac computer. We recommend using VirtualBox to do this, but Parallels and Bootcamp are two other viable options. This guide will be covering VirtualBox.

1. Visit VirtualBox and download the OS X hosts version.

2. Complete installation by opening the DMG file and following the instructions.

3. Open VirtualBox once it’s installed and create a new machine. You need to select a type (Windows) and version (Windows 10 64 bit is recommended). You need to download the ISO of the operating system you choose. Windows 10 ISO

Installing a Virtual Machine on Your Mac

4. Allocate RAM to the machine. Stay in the green for best performance. It is recommended to allocate 2-4 GB minimum.

5. Create a virtual drive. Assign at least the recommended space needed. For Windows 10, that’s 20 GB.

6. Navigate to the settings for this virtual machine and select the “Storage” tab. Click the disc icon with a green plus next to it and click choose disk. You can select the Windows ISO file you downloaded earlier.

7. Once the virtual machine is correctly setup, press the start button. Windows will begin installing.

If you need further help, contact us or reference this guide.