Swoosh Destroyer requires users to import their tasks in CSV format. We provide an accurate CSV template so users can setup with ease.


To access this template, select the Download Template icon in the menu bar. Optionally, access it via this Google Sheets document. To duplicate this go to File -> Make a Copy (Google Sheets).

To import your CSV file select the Import Tasks CSV icon in the menu bar. You can hover over the icon to confirm it is correct. When clicked, a file select pop up will appear. Select the CSV file and your tasks will import.

Formatting Guide

Swoosh Destroyer makes an attempt to find and fix any user errors in the formatting. If it fails to parse the imported file successfully, it will read an error message. While setting up your spreadsheet, it is important to follow these guidelines.

Task Info


Input Size Proxy



Mode – Enter “SKU” as this is the only option.

Input – The product SKU, i.e. AQ0926-001. This will generally be provided before every Nike drop in the customer slack. The product SKU is generally easy to find.

Size –  Size as it appears on Nike’s site. I.e. 8.5 for single digits, and 10.5 for double digits. No leading 0.

Proxy – Proxy format follows the same format as PD. ip:port or ip:port:user:pass

Account – Separate email and password by a colon. [email protected]:myPassword

Passwords are case sensitive.

Profile Info

Jigs – Enter either “TRUE” or “FALSE” for each of these fields.

Random Address

Random Name

Random Phone

Random Address – This will automatically jig your address. Swoosh uses a few methods to generate addresses that can be used to ship multiples to. If you have an address line 2 entered, it will not alter your apartment in anyway.

Random Name – Generate a random first and last name to use for the order name.

Random Phone – Generates random numbers to use for the last 4 digits of your orders phone number.


Profile Name

First Name

Last Name

Profile Name – Refrain from using special characters to name this. “Example US” is a good example.

First and Last Name – If “Random Name” field is set to FALSE then these values will be used for First/Last name on order.


Shipping Address

Shipping Address 2

Shipping City

Shipping State

Shipping Zip


Shipping Address – Your primary shipping address.

Shipping Address 2 – Used for Suites, Apartments, etc. Leave blank if you want to jig the address with the random apartment method. If there is no line 2 in your address, leave blank as well.

Shipping City – Enter your shipping city.

Shipping State – Your state’s abbreviated code. I.e. if your state is New York, use NY. Must be valid for Swoosh to successfully submit order.

Shipping Zip – Enter you shipping state.

Billing – Follow the same rules as shipping address above.

Country + Phone


Phone Number


Country – Enter the abbreviated country here. This is what Swoosh will use to determine what site to run on. Swoosh Destroyer supports the following countries. Any of these would be a valid value to enter for the Country field.   















Phone Number – Enter a phone number with no formatting. (ex: for a US number – “1234567891”)


Card Number

Card Type Card CVV Card Expiry Month

Card Expiry Year


Card Number – Enter valid card number with no spaces.

Card Type – Enter any one of these card types as shown below.















Card CVV – Enter the card CVV.

Card Expiry Month – Enter the card expiration month. For a single digit number lead with a 0. If the 0 isn’t showing, go to Format – Number – Plain Text (Google Sheets).

Card Expiry Month – Enter the card expiration year. Lead with 20, i.e. 2022.


Address Match

Address Match -Enter “TRUE” or “FALSE”. If you want to use the same shipping and billing address, Swoosh Destroyer will take the billing address values and use them for both shipping and billing inputs on the site.